What Do I Do

Olivia has had a wonderful childhood, but when she finds out she has to marry somone she dose not want to, find true love and sees something she shouldnt have seen. will her life get turned upside down jus by one hand shake? harry belives that she is meant for him and only him,


1. 1

Olivia’s POV

Today was my first day of collage.  And I’m pumped. I still live with my parents and big brother Lance. I looked at my alarm clock. I had about two hours before I really had to wake up, but I couldn’t sleep. I mean who could! So I decided to watch T.V. I turned it onto MTV, which should really play music, but today I honestly couldn’t complain. They were doing an interview on One Direction. I have to admit, I’m a Directioner. No shame in it! I turned up the T.V to hear them and their sexy voices better. Really anyone could have a British or Irish accent ad I would love them, and they could talk to me forever. Then I realized. They are on MTV. In America. Live. In my town. (MTV is records in my town) Holy monkey butts. My thoughts were interrupted by the lady asking a question I couldn’t help but hear.

“So, you guys are going to Green Meadows collage starting today right?” the lady who couldn’t be more than 40. Wait Green Meadows? HOLY FUDGE COW SICLES!!!!!

“That’s right we actually have to get ready.” Harry, his sexy voice rang, he laughed and the rest of the boys agreed.

“Well don’t let me keep you from getting and education, and thank you for joining us on MTV!” she half way yelled.

“Thanks, and no problem, anytime.” Niall answered this time. The audience went crazy, I heard a few comments on how they shouldn’t go. Ha. But THE One Direction is going to MY school. I started to freak out.

“HOLY COW!!! OMIGOSH. BREATHE! CAN’T BRATHE!!! I yelled. My whole family came down stairs.

“What is happening to One Direction, THIS time?” Lance asked. He understood my fan-girl moments, considering he loved them too, and no he is not gay.

“ONE DIRECTION IS GOING TO MY FUDGEING SCHOOL!!! THAT’S WHAT!!” I couldn’t hold it I was about to explode.

“Crap! I should had enrolled!” Lance said, he is having a difficult time moving on from his high school years, and hasn’t enrolled for about two years. Sucker.

“Olivia, clam down. Here go get some coffee” My dad said while handing me a card.

“What?” I stuttered.

“Honey me and your mother have agreed to get you a debit card, it has about five-hundred on it. Spend it wisely.” My dad said as I was about to explode. First One Direction is going to my school and now I have a debit card. Is it like my birthday or something? Or am I on a TV show? I look around to see if I can find any cameras. Clear. Wow.

I run up my stairs almost falling. Twice. I finally made it up to my room with a hurt wrist, not to minor. But I had to look hot today, not like its hard. Ha, I made a funny. Anyways I quickly brush through m dark brown hair this a blonde ombre, I already took a shower last night so I shouldn’t stink too bad. Eh anyways I found a cute light blue tank top and white shorts. I found my gold sparkly pair of TOMS.i look at myself in the mirror.. Not to shaby..  I walk, more like run down the stairs and grab my back-pack and ran out the door, forgetting to say good-bye I walked back inside my house gave my mom and dad a kiss on their cheeks, then ran back outside.

I started my five min journey to Starbucks I was so rudely bumped into and this guys HOT coffee on me. Let’s just it burns. A LOT.

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