Born a werewolf

This is about a girl who is Simon cowells daughter along with her sister Kaitlyn Cowell. They were closer then twins. They were like pen on paper. They both were HUGE fans of one direction. The girls name is Ellie Cowell. What target didnt know that they were werewolves.


3. Chapter 3: mates and birthdays:)

Ellie's POV 

i turn to see......AHH SHIT MY EXBOYFRIEND! "Tye what are you doing here??!!" I growl at him remembering the night he raped me "oh just seeing how my adorable dog is!" Tye says "we'll piss off because I'm not your pathetic little toy anymore! Savannah is!" I growl again "don't fucking growl at me!" Tye says charging at me. I move and he smashes his head on the hospital wall "I CAN FUCKING GROWL AT YOU IF I WANT TO!! YOU FUCKING RAPER!!" I scream "dad call the cops please!" I ask calmly "sure sweetie! But what did he do?" Dad asks "he raped me" I whisper "OMG Ellie" Kaitlyn says obviously hearing me because she hugged me "just call the fucking cops!" I scream remembering the night he raided me. 


"NO NO GET OFF OF ME YOU DIRTY WHORE!!" I scream as Tye pushes me against the wooden gate "now you won't scream or I will slit your throat! Got it?" Tye asks. I nod my head furiously whilst crying.

~end of flashback~

I growl looking at the floor "they are on their way" dad says "no please don't I'm innocent!" Tye says obviously pretending "LIAR!! HOW DARE YOU LIE TO ME!! YOUR TGE ONE WHO HAD ONE NIGHT STANDS WITH EVERY FUCKING GIRL AT OUR SCHOOL!! YOU TOOK TGE MOST PRECIOUS TGING FROM ME THAT NIGHT!!" I scream crying "hey hey hey shh..." Harry hugs me soothingly "ha are ya gonna play with him too?" Tye says "no-AHHH" I scream as a sharp pain shoots through my body "mmm d-dad!!" I choke out as I fall to the floor crying "DAD!!" I scream again but louder "I'm sorry sweetie I can't help you! Only harry can!" Dad says. I just remember. It's my birthday! Harry picks me up and cradles me. As soon as he touches me all the pain went away "shh shh it's alright" harry sings soothingly. I arch my back as another pain shot through my body. After that I black out. 


I awake in my room with harry at the foot of my bed "morning sleepy head" harry says looking into my ocean blue eyes "I want you, Ellie, to transform alright" harry says "o-okay" I stand up "hey girl ya there?" I ask looking at my chest "yeah just close your eyes and ill be out" my wolf form says "okay!" I close my eyes and feel my hands touch the ground. I open my eyes to hear a lot of gasps "what?" I telepathically think "your-your the chosen one!" Dad screams hugging my bear sized wolf form "your a white wolf!" Kaitlyn screams. I turn around to look at myself in the full length mirror. Their right. I'm a white wolf!


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