Born a werewolf

This is about a girl who is Simon cowells daughter along with her sister Kaitlyn Cowell. They were closer then twins. They were like pen on paper. They both were HUGE fans of one direction. The girls name is Ellie Cowell. What target didnt know that they were werewolves.


2. Chapter 2: Pain is awesome

Ellie's POV 

i wake up in a white room "Dad" I manage to croak out "I'm here sweetie" I hear dad whisper grabbing my hand "what happened?" I asked looking at my white hand "you lost A LOT of blood sweetie" dad says "oh okay" I say looking at a very pale Kaitlyn "what's wrong? Scared of a white chick? Hahaha!" I say as Kaitlyn starts to laugh "um Harry took you here" Kaitlyn says. I stop laughing and start chocking "what?" I say swallowing "yeah" Kaitlyn says holding my other pale hand "sweetie. I need to tell you something. Both of you actually....on your eighteenth birthday Ellie. You will transform into a werewolf. Also on your sixteenth birthday Kaitlyn. You will also turn into a werewolf" he finishes. I start laughing "y-your joking right?" I say in between laughs "no I'm not joking" dad says I a serious tone with a serious face "oh your not joking!" I say "but in order to turn. You must find your mate" dad says "oh! Eww" Kaitlyn says probably thinking of a nerd *knock knock* harry comes in with Louis following "hi what can I do ya for boys?" I ask laughing at the thought that me and harry could be "mates". "Louis and harry re wolves too" dad says "oh dammit why d-" 'Ellie! Ellie. It's me your Wolf form! I know who your mate is!!' A voice says excitedly "who?" I say aloud 'Harry!' She says "WHAT??" I scream "who are you talking to?" Dad asks "apparently my wolf form" I say looking at dad 'Ellie! Touch harry!' My wolf form says "eww! Kay!" I say getting off the bed and walking to harry. I stop in front of him not touching but looking at his hand. I touch his hand 'AHH MATE!!' My wolf screams "how do you know he's my mate?" I ask aloud "because my wolf form is screaming that your my mate" harry says 'awkward' my wolf form giggles. I giggle and hug harry and quickly let go "aww look at that you found yourself a new boyfriend huh?" I hear a voice says. I then turn to see....

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