Born a werewolf

This is about a girl who is Simon cowells daughter along with her sister Kaitlyn Cowell. They were closer then twins. They were like pen on paper. They both were HUGE fans of one direction. The girls name is Ellie Cowell. What target didnt know that they were werewolves.


1. Chapter 1: Secrets are meant to be kept

Ellie's POV 

"AHHH ELLIE GET UP! GET UP!! GET-" I cut kaitlyn off by making her fall off of my double bed "ow!" Kaitlyn says "what?" I say laughing "oh nothing. We just get to see one direction today" Kaitlyn says "oh yay" I say sarcastically not wanting to meet them "I thought you were a big fan Ellie!" Dad/Simon says coming into my room "I am but I honestly don't care" I say sitting up "oh well we are meeting them in my office at work girls okay there is a lolly machine and slushies outside of my office so you can get anything from there if you'd-" "okay I get it I can have all the food I want now get out me and Katie need to get dressed!" I say shooing dad out "one direction" kaitlyn daydreams "food!" I daydream. We look at eachother and bolt for our wardrobes. 


~2 hours later~

I'm wearing black skinny jeans with red toms and a light blue blouse that comes with a cardigan the colour of dark purple. I have my hair pulled back into a high pony tail and owl earrings with NO make-up at all. I hate that stuff. It's taking forever for Kailyn to get dressed and we were supposed to leave 10 minutes ago "HURRY UP KATE!" I scream getting into my car as dad has already left. Kaitlyn comes out the front door locking it and bolts for the car "sorry" she says buckling in. She's wearing a tight red dress that goes down past her knees with matching red high heels. As you can see we are completely opposites. Our mother died giving birth to Kaitlyn because mother had very high blood pressure. I'm older by 2 years. I start the car and drive to dads company "AHH LOOK THERE'S A BUFFET OF FOOD!!" I scream parking the car next to dads black van "LOOK THERE'S ONE DIRECTION!!" Kaitlyn screams getting out and running in her impossibly high, high heels. I hop out 3 minutes later and lock the car "and this is my other daughter outside" I hear my dad from 10 kilometers away. What the fuck? I thought walking in the doors and to dad not bothering to say hi to one direction "is the food free?" I ask looking at all the lollies and drinks "ye-" "YES!" I say cutting him off running to my favourite candy. Blue tongue suckers "ELLIE COME SAY HELLO!" Dad says "Jjuft a mimut!" I say with a mouth full of food. I swallow my mouthful and walk to kaitlyn "hi, bye" I say starting to walk back to the food buffet but get stopped by a hand on my shoulder "Ellie Leigh Cowell! You will meet the boys right this instant! Also you will choose 2 boys to sleep in your room" dad says. My mouth hits the floor "WHAT!!" I scream making everyone wince "CHOSE NOW!! OR I WILL CHOOSE!!" Dad says. I immediately growl "wtf?" I say to myself "ugh well I guess Niall and Harry were kinda my favorites" I say walking to the food stand again without interruption "Ellie!" Kaitlyn screams "CAN'T YOU SEE IM FUCKING EATING!!" I scream stuffing another blue tongue sucker "Louis sleeping in my room! EEK!!" Kaitlyn screams in my ear "piss off I'm eating!!" I say filling a cup up with blue red and purple slushies "alright alright" kaitlyn says walking off "look at that pig she must be soo fat!" A lady says standing on the other side of the building whispering to her friend "yeah she's soo ugly too! What was her name again? Smelly or something!" The girl with black midnight hair whispers giggling. I ignore it until I feel a slight push on my back. I turn to see my bully. Savannah. She punches my nose but I don't react to the sharp pain in my nose "FUCK U BITCH!! YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!" She screams so nearly everyone can hear "OI!! Try it again ill rip your throat out!" Dad growls "ooh I'm soo scared!" She says kicking my vagina making me drop to the floor screaming "that's it!!" My dad screams and transforms into a wolf and literally rips her throat out "AHH!! AHH!!" Kaitlyn screams at the sight of dads wolf form. While I just sit there with my hands on my now bleeding vagina with legs either side of me crying "love are you alright?" Liam asks squatting to my level "what does it fucking look like?" I ask whimpering at the pain "we need to get you to a hosp....." I couldn't hear him because I black out. 


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