Summer Love

Bodhi Lee's mother Krista Lee was the new manager of the worlds biggest boyband! One Direction, She was never that big of a fan. She dosent like there style of music and she is just a plain old skater girl. But when she starts to get close to three of the boys and the other two are her bestfriends and are really protective, Who will she chose?


2. Meeting Them.

"Bodhi! Sweetie get down here" Mum yelled up to me "I want you to meet my new clients" she said as i was walking down the staires.

As i walked into the massive lounge room i saw 5 boys. The worlds Hottest boys may i add. Okay it was ONE DIRECTION! they were sitting on my couch! Okay i dont love them but shit they are hot. when i saw them i stopped dead.

"Hello I'm Liam Call me Li" Said Liam well of corsee!

"I'm Zayn make up yo own nickname love" ZAYN DUH

"hello Love i'm Louis call me Lou"  Lou!

"Hey there love I'm Harry, Call me Haz" Hazza

"Herro Der Love I'm Niall, but chu can call me Ni or Nialler" Said Niall in his AMAZING irish accent

"I'm Bodhi-Lee, but most people call me Bodhi well normal people at least" i said smiling i always say that when i introduce myself!

Niall jumped up and hugged me then they all did.





A/N:--: Comment below if you want me to continue this story! i did a tiny first chapter just to see! okay xoxox

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