Summer Love

Bodhi Lee's mother Krista Lee was the new manager of the worlds biggest boyband! One Direction, She was never that big of a fan. She dosent like there style of music and she is just a plain old skater girl. But when she starts to get close to three of the boys and the other two are her bestfriends and are really protective, Who will she chose?


1. About Bodhi-Lee

 Heey I'm Bodhi-Lee Smith! 

But most people call me Bodhi! Well Normal people do at least!

Um well i'm a skater girl, 

My Dad died before i was born so i never met him! BUT my Mum is amazing. 

We live in london.

I am 19

My bestfriends are: Zoe (zoella on youtube) Finn and Jack Harries (JacksGap on youtube) and Casper Lee (discap) 

Anyways! Love chuuuuuuu! BYEEEEEEE

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