Nothing Like us

Me? Yea am normal. Am a 17 year old girl named Jessica who goes to high school, like to watch funny movies, hang with friends, o and did I mention am dating JUSTIN BIEBER! yes the one and only. I wasn't searching for love it found me. If you dont believe me go ahead and read.......


3. Wait.... What?!!

Note-sorry for not updating in a long time. I had school but now it's over so get ready for alot of updating<3 

He jumps off stage and everybody goes crazy. All the attention was on me for the first time. He sticks he's hand out and says 
"Hi am Justin" with a smirk 
"Hi am j-" I couldn't even finish before he pulls me on stage. 
He sits me down and bits he's lip as he's eyes traveled up and down my body. 
"I think ... I think we found our one less Lonely girl tonight" 
Wats that a one less Lonely girl?!!?? I prepared for the worst, but all he did was give me a crown and flowers and sang. It was amazing. All the other girls began to cry and then I noticed there was one of those professional cameras filming in the corner.When he finished he's back up dancers began to lead me off stage and I went back to my spot. The rest of the concert was great and kiara was so jealous of wat had happened. Then finally it ended and it was time to go home. 
" I soooo hate u" kiara says with a frown 
"Hey it's not me fault" I say with my hands up. 
" let's go eat something before we go home. I'll pay" i said trying to make it up to her  
"K,but am getting the most expensive thing" we both began to laugh. Then we noticed a black limo started to follow us. I began to get scared and I could see kiara was too. 
"Run" I whispered to her 

Note- ooooo wats going to happen !!! Comment I promise there will be updates 

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