Nothing Like us

Me? Yea am normal. Am a 17 year old girl named Jessica who goes to high school, like to watch funny movies, hang with friends, o and did I mention am dating JUSTIN BIEBER! yes the one and only. I wasn't searching for love it found me. If you dont believe me go ahead and read.......


9. ur hot

Omg I haven't published in the longest! Sorry plzs just fav and like this story so u can get updates on when a new chapter comes. I'm going to try to update once a week! Plzs check out my other story my bad boy, it's another jb fanfic. Love ya enjoy :) *

Jessica pov-

I wonder where Justin is taking me I think to my self. I sit quite waiting to be surprised. Then he drives up to the arena where we first met.

" aww justin this is where we first met" I say smiling

" yeah I know and ur going to be meeting someone else tonight" he says parking

" who?" I say confused as we walk

" u will see" Justin says as he grabs my hand to hold. I blush a little when he grabbed my hand.

We walk towards the arena and I see a big sign with BRUNO MARS FACE ON IT!

I stop walking and my mouth swings open.

" Justin no you didn't! O MY FUCKING GOD!! IM SEEING BRUNO MARS TODAY!" I say jumping up and down.

" I knew you would like ur surprise" he says smiling at me

I give him a huge kiss on the lips and a long one. He jumped a little cause the kiss was out of no where.

Justin's pov-

She was so happy. I can't wait for her to see Bru-

My thoughts were interrupted by A huge kiss. Damn her lips where Soft. I smiled in the middle of our kiss. She let go and have me a hug.

" thank you" she whispers into my chest.

She lets go and we start to walk. She was like a little kid in a candy shop. Every little Bruno Mars thing she saw she fangirl over. She was too cute.

Jessica pov-

We finally got to out seats and we were front row! I almost fainted but I must watch the show. The show was going great! I cried here and there, he even touched my Hand. He would even make eye contact with me actually a lot! When the concert was over I didn't want to leave.

" wait I have one more surprise for you tonight" Justin says grabbing my hand we walk to the back threw this door. He takes me to this room and BRUNO MARS In the flesh is right in front of me.

" are you BRuno Mars? " I say nervous

" yep it's really me " Bruno says

" go on babe he doesn't bite" Justin says giggling

I run towards Bruno and give him a huge hug. He is so tiny and cute! I start to cry

" stop crying" Bruno says laughing

" wouldn't want a pretty face like urs to get ruin" he says petting my face. Half hugging me.

I could see justin got tense when Bruno called me pretty, but I gave him the look to say its alright.

We sit and start to talk. While justin leans on the wall across the room.

" I'm a huge fan! Ur music is-" I say then I get interrupted my Bruno

" u talk a lot babe. I wonder what else that mouth can do" he says winking

I turn tomato red and try to ignore what he just said.

" um so what City are u going to next?" I ask

"Ur hot" he says getting closer

" pardon me?" I say backing up

" u heard me ur hot. "

" ok I have to go so.." I say getting up then he grabs my arm

" let go ur hurting me!" I yelled

Justin came running towards us and Bruno let me go. Bruno stood up

I stood behind Justin

"Is there a problem here?" Justin says in his protective mode

" no it just that ur girl is hot and I wanna fuck the shit out of her" Bruno says smiling looking at me.

Justin punches Bruno and then Bruno punches back. They tussle on the floor but before any blood security came and kicked me and justin out. Before we left I heard Bruno yell

" I'm going to fuck ur girl Justin! Wait and see"

I'm so scared I don't want Justin to be mad at me.

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