Nothing Like us

Me? Yea am normal. Am a 17 year old girl named Jessica who goes to high school, like to watch funny movies, hang with friends, o and did I mention am dating JUSTIN BIEBER! yes the one and only. I wasn't searching for love it found me. If you dont believe me go ahead and read.......


2. The concert

So its finally the day of the concert. Am so happy just want to get this over with.


I hear a beeping out side and its Kiara. I run down stairs and say bye to my parents.


"Dont have to much fun" my dad says with his finger pointing out. I roll my eyes


"ok dad"


When I walk out my house am wearing a poky dot shirt, lit blue blue pants, sunglasses,hair braided, and a couple of bracelets.



 I didn't care how I looked, I mean why would Justin look at me? Any ways I get in the car and me and Kiara starts to talk.


'OMB, I cant believe were actual going to meet him!" she screams


She just kept on talking and talking so I just put in my head phones until we got there.


We finally got there and it was crazy. Girls crying and we weren't even in the arena yet. 

We are waiting on the M&G line and as we get closer Kiara starts to panic.

"Omg wat if he thinks am ugly, does this shirt make me look fat, do I hav-"

'Relax Kiara hes just a regular boy, nothing special''

"Next" we hear a lady scream pointing at us. Me and Kiara look at each other and start to walk. I could hear Kiara as she breathed harder and harder. She grabs my hand. When we walk in me and hes caramel eyes meet. I could feel my heart racing. What, I couldn't help it he was so hot. He had no shirt on, naw just kidding wish he didn't  Anyways he had a white tanktop and I could see hes six-pack showing threw. He bits his lip and looks up and down at me. At this point I didnt know what to do so in nervousness I say - "Hi" 

Kiara just stares and hides behind me.

 "Hey, Whats-"

"Chop chop guys there r other girls you know" the photographer says with his hands on his hips. So we get together and take the pic and it comes out adorable. Then right after we get rushed out with out even saying bye. Such rude people!

Then we enter the arena and we made our way to the front row. So far the concert is more amazing then I thought it would be. The whole time he looked at me while he was singing and it looked like he was singing to me. But I doubt that. While me and Kiara was dancing to As long as you love me, Justin stops in the middle and says-

"Wait!wait I cant go on." girls start to scream "All day I have had been thinking about a certain girl" He says smirking  He starts to go my direction...... Can it be me hes talking about


Authors note- Hey guys plz share this and help me get some more readers and comment on wat u think. Dont be mean




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