Nothing Like us

Me? Yea am normal. Am a 17 year old girl named Jessica who goes to high school, like to watch funny movies, hang with friends, o and did I mention am dating JUSTIN BIEBER! yes the one and only. I wasn't searching for love it found me. If you dont believe me go ahead and read.......


8. Surprise

OMG I've been gone for a long time, here's a update plzs comment. ---------
I get home and I take a nap. I wake up and around 7:00 I start to get ready. While I'm getting ready I forget to ask my mom if I could go out. "Mom"I say walking down the stairs. "Yea honey" she says. "Can I please go out today?" I beg "fine but be home by 11:00 no later" she says with a firm voice " thanks! Mom." I kiss her on the cheek and run up stairs. I'm wearing a black beanie, with my hair out in curls, crop top with a cute carton on it, jeans and converse. My phone rings and I pick it up 
"It's Justin your ready?" 
"Yeah be down in a few" 
"Ok beautiful. Can't wait to see u" 
He hangs up and I head down. 
" remember get home by 11:00 Jessica and what?" My mom yells 
"No later. Byeeeee love u" I yell running out. I see Justin's car and get in. 
"Hi Justin " I smile 
"Hey cutie" he says starting the car and I blush.
"So where we going?" I ask curious 
"It's a surprise I think your going to like" he smiles. Now I'm getting scared, I wonder where we going. 


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