Nothing Like us

Me? Yea am normal. Am a 17 year old girl named Jessica who goes to high school, like to watch funny movies, hang with friends, o and did I mention am dating JUSTIN BIEBER! yes the one and only. I wasn't searching for love it found me. If you dont believe me go ahead and read.......


5. Kiss?

Note- the trailer for nothing like us is up i hope u guys like it!anyway enjoy the update.

Justin pov-
I hanged up the phone and smiled.  Should I text her. Nooo not now, later . But I really want to text her!! Ahe wat the heck.  I grabbed my phone and before I could even text her.
" we're here bieber, get ready for the craziness. Your body guards are there already" the limo driver said 
" thanks Jeff" I reached in my pocket and handed him a 100 dollar bill. " go buy your self something pretty" I said putting it in his hands 
" thank you" he said shaking my hand. 
I finally stepped out and there was screaming girls every where. Typical. 
 I took some pics and signed things. I love my fans, but sometimes it gets overwhelming. Finally I was at peace in my hotel room. 
" peace at last" I yelled and jumped on my bed.  I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

Jessica pov-
" Give me all, give me all, give me all your attention baby
I got to tell you a little something about yourself
You're wonderful, flawless, ooh you're a sexy lady
But you walk around here like you wanna be someone else" I was jamming to Bruno mars while eating breakfast and then I got a text that intervened with my morning routine.

Morning Beautiful. Get dressed coming in 10 to pick u up :)

I blushed at the thought of Justin calling me beautiful. I put on white shorts, crop tee, converse, messy bun, and some sunglasses to finish  it up.
Look out your window

  I look out and see Justin. 
"Hey Jessica!" He yells waving his hand.
"SHHHH!" I say climbing down. 
"If my parents find out am sneaking out am died" 
" sorry" he laughs and takes my hand.
"Come on. Lets go" 
I get the chills when he touches my hand. I sit in the front sit next to him and he drives off.
" we're r we going?" I ask 
"Where ever life takes us" he says. I burst out laughing and then he starts too. 
" do u know how corny U sound?" I say dying of laughter. 
" hey am serious. " he says smiling 
" ok cornball" I say putting my hands up in defense. 
The whole ride we talk and joke.
He stops at a beach. 
" wait u didn't tell me to bring a bathing suit" I complained 
" don't worry I got u covered" he hands me a two piece bathing suit. 
I just stare at it to scared to even try it on.
" are u ok Jessica" he asks 
" yea.... Umm am kinda of scared to try it on" 
" why your beautiful?"
"It's just-"
"It's just nothing. Listen Jessica, your perfect the way you are and no other way." He grabs my chin and now I looked straight into he's Carmel eyes. 
"Your beautiful and your going to Rock that bathing suit." I nod and bit my lip 
"Let's go" 
We go and change. I walk out and see Justin. Omg he was too sexy. I scanned him and bit my lip.
" like wat u see?" He says flexing 
I laugh and say " u wish" but that was such a lie. 
"Oo really. I know I like wat I see" he says biting he's lip looking up and down at me.
" stop it!!" I say blushing 
" sorry just couldn't control myself" he says smirking.he grabs me by the waist and starts running towards the water. 
" put me down Justin" I scream trying to get out. But he was too strong 
" not a chance Babe"he says getting closer.  I smiled that was the first time he called me babe. I took drag stick measures and bet him. 
" ouch, that hurt" he screams letting me go 
" sorry babe". I tease and start to run. 
" am going to get u" he screams and laughs at the same time. Which made me laugh. 
He finally makes it to me and we both fall on the sand. We lay side by side and laugh. 
" u have a cute laugh" he admits 
" thanks" I blush
We start to stare at the sky and then face each other.
" let's play truth or dare" I say cheerfully
"Ok but only this time. U first. Truth or dare"
" ok ok. Umm lets see. How old we're u when u had your first boyfriend?" He says brushing back with his fingers.
" can I have dare?" 
"Ok I dare u to answer that question" 
"I never really had a boyfriend before." I was actually embarrass to admit It. 
" really?wow" 
" I know it's lame" I say sitting up 
"No. I just said wow because u must have turn down a lot if boys" he said sitting up. 
" ok your turn" I say trying to change
The subject. " truth or dare" 
"Wat do u feel about me" I ask placing my hands in my lap. 
" I feel your a beautiful,sexy, cute, funny person I want to get to know better" he says putting he's hand on top of mines. Our eyes meet and we both blush and look away.
"Ok enough of that, lets go in the water" I start to run into the water and dive in. Justin follows me and we start splashing and laughing. I get on his shoulders and he throws me into the water every time.  While we were goofing around I felt a sharp pain  
On my thigh and I see a jelly fish swim away. 
"Ouch!!! Justin GET ME OUT. Please I think a jelly fish shocked me" 
He grabbed me and picked me up . He ran me to first aid. 
" JUSTIN IT HURTS SO MUCH" I cried in pain
" relax Jessica. Show me were it hurts" I pointed to it and he started to aid it.
" this is going to hurt." 
He finished and we sat in the car 
"Thank u Justin. For helping me" 
" no problem." He smiles and so do I 
" I need to take u home" 
" no u can't! My parent will flip if they saw this mark. I'll just call and say am staying over my friends house." 
" k so does that mean.  Your staying with me??" He says smirking 
" yep" 
" yesss!" 
"Don't get to EXICTED" I laugh 
We get to the hotel and I lay  on the bed. 
" I'll just sleep on the floor cause there's only one bed" Justin says 
" no... I mean u dont have to" 
"Ok. If u want" 
He laid next to me. We watched tv and then he placed he's arm around me. I blushed and got closer to him. 
" u feeling ok?" 
He asked looking at me. 
"Yea...." I gulp 
Our faces only a couple of inches away. 
" can I ask u something" he says looking at my lips 
I nod. He got closer to me and brushed my hair out of my face.
"Can I kiss u?" 
Wat do I say????? I mean I like him but I just don't want my first kiss taken away. 

Note--will she kiss Justin???? Find out in the next chapter 

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