Nothing Like us

Me? Yea am normal. Am a 17 year old girl named Jessica who goes to high school, like to watch funny movies, hang with friends, o and did I mention am dating JUSTIN BIEBER! yes the one and only. I wasn't searching for love it found me. If you dont believe me go ahead and read.......


4. Burger King time

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"Run" I whispered 
We began to run. The car started to speed. 
"Split up kiara" I yelled while still running.
She nodded her head and then we made our separate ways. The car didn't stop and  Continued to follow me. What the hell do they want. Then a hand came out the window and grabbed me. Of coarse My little Self fit threw the window. It took me in and sat me down. 
"LET GO!" I demanded 
"Relax, relax am not going to Hurt you Hun" that voice sounded to familiar. But I couldn't see him.
"Wait come into the light. Let me see u" I said with scared yet curious face. 
He moved forward and I couldn't believe it.
" Justin, Justin bieber is that you!?!??" I screamed 
He looked down and nodded.
"Look before u yell at me for scaring u like that let me explain" 
I crossed my arms and scanned him. Let me hear wat this idiot has to say.
"Go on" 
"Remember the first time we met at the Meet and greet." 
I nodded
"Well when my eyes first landed on you. I knew I wanted u and I would do anything to get you. During the concert I was so distracted by you and I.... I just couldn't function. That's why I stopped the whole concert and why I ummm kinda   
Of kidnapped you" he says embarrassed. 
"Really you couldn't just walk up to me like a regular person and NOT SCARE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF ME.!!" I yelled jumping up from my sit. 
"Sorry I get nervous around U and am really not a regular person. People would have started asking for pictures and stuff if I would have done that"  
I knew he was right. He really isn't a regular person. There was awkward silence that felt lasted forever but only lasted a few minutes.  Once and a while he glanced my way which made me blush. Wait were is he taking me.
"Um excuse me but I need to go home" 
"Aren't u hungry?"
"Yea but-"
"So how's Burger King sound?" He smirked 
 I really was hungry. Hey what the heck.
"Delicious" I faked a smile 
Ok once we finish eating I'll go home.  We got to Burger King and went threw the drive threw. Wat a surprise. Anyways I gave the driver my address and we sat and ate.  The more I look at him the more I actually realize damn he's hot.  He was wearing a white tank top, gold chains, cute ass pj pants and white sneakers. 
"So wat do u think of me? You know me being Justin bieber and all." He asked taking a bite of his hamburger.
"To tell u the truth am really not into you. But I think your a filthy rich kid who could do anything he wants. Just Because of your looks. Your selfish and only care about the money. Also that your a huge idol to many people and u do stupid stuff for them to look up to and that's 
 wat I think of u." I smiled 
" wow that was harsh"he said laughing. 
"Why r u laughing" I asked confused 
" cause everybody thinks of  me like that and am really nothing close to it. Believe me your not the first to say that." He says looking out the window. 
"We're here" the limo driver says 
" well thanks for the ride. I should be going" I said opening the door. 
"Wait....." He says closing the door. 
" it's just I really want to see u again" he says looking at me with he's Carmel eyes. Ugggg
"Give me your phone" I say with my hand out 
"Just give it " I said
He hands me his iPhone5 and i add me as a contact. I handed it back to him and he smiles . 
"Bye Jessica "  
"Bye Justin" I say walking out. 
They drive away and then my phone rings.
"Hey it's Justin" 
I chuckle and say " y r u calling we just saw each other" 
" just making sure u gave me the right number" he laughs. 
"Bye again" I say 

Note- comment on wat u think and more updates soon. <3 am going to make a trailer for this fanfic so it might be up today on the page. 








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