True Love

Lost. Isabella Hale ran away once her parents started fighting with each other. She survives on the streets by pickpocketing people. What happens when she meets Niall Horan. Will true love form or will she just use him.


2. The Next Day

Isabella's P.O.V

                    I was getting ready for my "date" with Niall. There wasn't much to get ready for, but I tried to look as nice as I can. Once I got to the café I saw Niall sitting in the corner just staring at something. I walked over to him and said hello then sat down. 

Niall's P.O.V

                  I just met her and I think I'm going crazy. When I see her I get nervous. " N-nice to see you again," I stuttered. "Soo.. do you want to order?" She replied. "Oh yeah, haha" I'm such and idiot, I thought. I mentally face palmed my forehead. A waitress came over and asked us what we'd like. " I'll take a large coffee and a donut." " I'll have a small coffee, please" She asked. "You're order will be coming soon," and with that she left.

"Tell me about yourself"

"Well... I'm 19 years old and like to read. That's pretty much all. Your turn!"

"As you know my name's Niall Horan and I'm known for LOVING food." I smiled brightly back at her.

Our drinks soon came and we just sat there drinking and eating our breakfast.

Isabella's P.O.V

                       I finally broke the awkwardness and silence by saying" What do you want to do now?"

" You want to come over to my place?" He responded nervously?


We headed out to his car and started driving away.


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