True Love

Lost. Isabella Hale ran away once her parents started fighting with each other. She survives on the streets by pickpocketing people. What happens when she meets Niall Horan. Will true love form or will she just use him.


4. Day Out

 Niall's POV

        The next morning I woke up with Isabella wrapped around my body. I laid there not wanting to disturb her in any way. I stared at her body as she breathed in.... and out. The way she looked mesmerized me. As I saw her slowly open her eyes i quickly turned my head away. She then asked me if I was awake, so I turned around and acted as if I just woke up. 

"Good morning! How'd you sleep?" I said

"Best sleep I've had in ages!" She replied.

"Good," I responded. 

What does she mean? Has she never slept in a bed this comfortable? I quickly forgot about and asked her if she wanted some breakfast. 

"Yes please, thanks!" 

I went downstairs to the kitchen and got out some flour, 2 eggs, and milk. I poured in the ingredients and started mixing it in the bowl with a whisk. By the time I was done mixing Isabella had come then. When I poured in one mix I went to the living room to let Isabella know it was cooking. I was making her some french crepes with strawberries and syrup. When I was done cooking all I presented them beautifully to her. She looked in awe at my presentation and got up to help me carry the plates.

"Wow, how'd you make all this!" She exclaimed.

"Just some flour, milk,eggs, and a little decorating."

We started eating in silence taking in all the flavor of the crepes.

I broke the silence by saying,"So where you from?"

"Oh, I'm from Los Angeles."

"What's it like there"

"I never knew, I was moved here when I was a baby."

"Awww, that's unfortunate."

"So wanna go anywhere?"

She told  me she hasn"t been in this area for long so I decided to take her to a restaurant in London.

Isabella's POV

       Our car stopped in front of a building called "Garfunkels". As we went in I was amazed at how unique the restaurant looked. We waited until we were seated and then looked through the menu. I decided on fish and chips while he chose chicken tikka masala. We then ordered two cokes and stated chatting. The food was just as delicious as it looked.

"Thanks for taking me here and letting me stay at your house." 

"No problem," He replied.


I saw him staring at me but thought nothing of it. We continued eating silently again. By the time we had finished our bill had arrived. I got up, ready to leave, then walked to the car. He asked if I wanted to go anywhere so I said, "Wherever, we can go home." He agreed so we started driving. We just relaxed at home and by the time we knew it it was midnight. He let me stay over again so we went to get ready. I think I was starting to fall for him....

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