Evie and Lend have a kid... Katelyn, AKA Katie. Katie has been alive for 18 years now and has fallen in love with Reth. Yes Evie`s ex Reth. It is what you think. But she can`t fall into that trap. The one where you can`t find yourself after he ditches you! What will happen when Reth falls for Katie too? Will they get together? Will Evie stop them? Find out in 'Forever' ! - if you`ve read all three books already I`m sorry I wanted to change it up a bit.Get over it if you don't like it i do!!!!!!!! lol love you!-


3. Our Home

"Reth? What are we doing in here? We really shouldn`t be!" I said. "Or I shouldn`t be." I looked down. I sat in the flowers. Reth sat next to me, his golden hair shook a little.
"It`s my home, Katelyn" I groaned. "Our home. Temporarily" He added. I looked at him, a puzzled look on my face. 
"Not my home at all. My home is on Earth. With my parents." I said. Reth laughed, his voice sounded like bells, golden bells! I melted inside, like every time.
"It`s with me, or it should be."he looked away from me, taking my hand in his. I took my hand back. 
"Take me home, now"I ordered. 
"We are home"Reth said. 
"Take me to Evelyn, now."I ordered, my teeth clenched. 
"Ok, my princess. Let`s go"He took my hand again, leading me back to my home. Once we were out of the Faerie Realms I went back to my mom and dad. 
"Keep him away from me"My teeth were still clenched. 
"Reth! What did you do to our baby girl?"Mom asked, anger with him more than I was, dad looked furious!
"I took her into the Faerie Realms. I want her to live with me"
"You can`t do that! She`s mortal!"
"No she`s not. We both of us know that, Evelyn."Reth nearly shouted. 
"Bleep you all! I`m not mortal! I`m immortal! You shouldn`t have kept it from me mom! Bleepit!"I 'cursed'. "I`m going out."I mumbled, walking past mom, dad, and Reth. I went to my spot, as usual, my mom and Reth are always fight, I couldn`t take it. I came here to keep calm, and to get away from everyone. I`m going to school tomorrow, bleep. I hate all this, I`m expected to save the world, no I`m not but it feels like it. Mom says she saved the world. Her and her sister, Vivian who I have never met, she had to close the gate. Reth somehow ended up not going in and stayed here, well actually Vivian didn`t close the gate, all the paranormals came back and can`t leave until I am ready to leave. I don`t know if I`ll ever be ready to leave though. It sucks. I`m expected to save all the paranormals, later in my life. It`s just not right, mom said that she and Viv will help too. We three are the only three who can, unless I have a sister and mom won`t let me see her, that she gave her away for the better. I dunno. I better get back soon, ask her if I have a brother or sister that she had to give away. David was outside of the house, looking worried when I came back. 
"Da- Grandpa? Are you ok?" I asked, I don`t call him David, he is grandpa. 
"There you are! We were so worried!"He hugged me, I laughed, hugging him back. 
"KATIE!"Mom`s voice was heard screaming, running over to hug me. 
"Mom I`m fine!" I stated, laughing at my mom. 
"We were worried! We didn`t know where you had gone or what to do!"
"Why didn`t you ask Jack? He knows where I go when you and Reth fight" I asked, curious. "I wen`t to my spot in the middle of the woods"I said, walking to my room, shrugging.

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