Evie and Lend have a kid... Katelyn, AKA Katie. Katie has been alive for 18 years now and has fallen in love with Reth. Yes Evie`s ex Reth. It is what you think. But she can`t fall into that trap. The one where you can`t find yourself after he ditches you! What will happen when Reth falls for Katie too? Will they get together? Will Evie stop them? Find out in 'Forever' ! - if you`ve read all three books already I`m sorry I wanted to change it up a bit.Get over it if you don't like it i do!!!!!!!! lol love you!-


1. Birthday

I woke up and went to get dressed. My mom is always rubbing off on my with fashion. I put on a white tee and a waist high red skirt and some TOMS. My style if different from moms but I love it! I`m 18 as of TODAY! 
"Come on, Katelyn!" his angelic voice called for me.
"I`m coming, calm down!" i said and went downstairs. Glad I had brushed my hair!
"Katelyn, my love, where is your mom?" Reth asked. Why does he STILL love her? I mean I`m in love with him and I mean it! 
"No clue, thank you for the 'Happy Birthday', Reth!" I walked past him to the door and walked out to see Arianna. 
"Hey birthday girl!" she said pulling me into a hug. I hugged back. 
"Thank you! Glad you noticed." I glared at Reth, who was standing in the doorway. Arianna smiled. I love her, as a friend of course. 
"Hi Katie!"Jack said from behind Reth. I smiled.
"Hey Jack." I replied. He smiled really big. BLEEP! 
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"He yelled. Reth gave him a why-did-you-yell-that look, causing me to giggle. I hopped off the porch to go into the forest. I love the forest, it has a few mysteries but the middle is my part. It`s just a little clearing in the middle. A hand grabbed my arm and stopped me. I turned to see Reth. 
"What? I`m going to my spot" He let go of my arm and let me go. Thank God. I ran all the way down there, Jack came too. Jack is like a brother to me. Not kidding, and we hang out so often you`d think he was my boyfriend or something. Seriously? No I like Reth.
"Katie! "Jack started to chase me around the circle. I screamed and ran home. Bleeping bleep. I take that after mom. I ran into Reth. I fell down, he didn`t even move a bit. 
"You OK, Katelyn?"He asked me, helping me up. He was so warm. Probably one his Faerie things.Or I`m cold. No souls in me, so yeah. Both. Birthdays are a bleeping pain in the bleep. Wonder the why my mom does Bleep instead cussing? Ha ha.I looked at Reth and nodded. He let go of and ran off into the Faerie Paths. What was that about? Ok then. Nevermind. GOD! I AM TALKING TO MYSELF! I walked inside. 
"Hey sweetie. Happy Birthday!" Mom said giving me a warm hug. She has been draining souls when she needs to, mainly to protect me. 
"Thanks mom." I replied.
"Happy birthday, Katie" Dad told me, messing up my hair.I screamed. 
"Thank you! For messing up my hair and the Happy Birthday!" I groaned and fixed my hair.
"Dad! Did you have to do that?" I asked. He laughed.
"Sorry" He said.
"Its fine! Presents?" I asked, already knowing the answer, a big yes! 

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