Evie and Lend have a kid... Katelyn, AKA Katie. Katie has been alive for 18 years now and has fallen in love with Reth. Yes Evie`s ex Reth. It is what you think. But she can`t fall into that trap. The one where you can`t find yourself after he ditches you! What will happen when Reth falls for Katie too? Will they get together? Will Evie stop them? Find out in 'Forever' ! - if you`ve read all three books already I`m sorry I wanted to change it up a bit.Get over it if you don't like it i do!!!!!!!! lol love you!-


2. A Birthday Present To Remember

Present time! I sat in the middle in of a circle. This how we`ve done it forever. It`s fin actually. First David, I don`t call him grandpa. I find it weird. I opened and saw...
"AN IPHONE! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"I hugged him tight and sat down. I giggled a bit as everyone laughed at me.
"Your welcome." David said. Next from Raquel, a communicator? I looked at her puzzled.
"You`re training is over. You are now officially ICPA. Welcome. You will be working with your mom for a bit though" She said. I get up and hugged her too. It was perfect. It was pink and pink and orange. Mostly orange! I love the color orange.
"Thank you! Next!" I said, Cassie, my best friend. When I opened it and saw my favorite dress from the store that i could never get! SHE GOT! It was light blue, and the perfect size! I hugged her the tightest. 
"I LOVE YOU SO MUCH CASSIE!" I yelled in her face! She laughed, everyone did. I was excited. Arianna was next. She got me a pair of jeans, to help me with my emo type look, a pair of dark-almost black- skinny jeans! I smiled at her. 
"What just a smile? No hug?" before she could say anything else I tackled her in a hug. I went back to my spot. "Thank you!" 
"thank you for my new jeans!" I said, smiling big. Mom`s was next. If she knows my style i`m gonna love it. Instead of a big bag orbox it was a tiny box. I opened it and went to hug her.It was a necklace, it had my birthstone and on it it said 'Lend and Evie`s Miracle' so cute! I put it on right away. "I love it mom thank you!" I smiled, tears welling up. Tears of joy. 
"our welcome. Lend it`s your turn." She said. Dad handed me another small box. This isn`t usual from my parents. A charm bracelet  JUST WHAT I WANTED! GLAD DAD LISTENS! I hugged him tighter than Cassie. 
"Can`t breath Katie!' Dad said and I let go. 
"I know what your true is Katie"Raquel said. I wanted to know this so badly. 
"WHAT IS IT?"I shouted. I calmed myself down. 
"Its Meamh, like your moms, Neamh but with an M"She said. I BLEEPING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! 
"Thank you so much!"I said. I ran upstairs to my room to put stuff away, when Reth caught me. "What Reth?" I asked, a little annoyed. He crashed his lips to mine. 
"I`ve been wanting to do that all night. When you bumped into me, I fell in love somehow. I don`t know how, I just did" he starts to ramble on, I stopped him by kissing him.
"It`s take you forever for me to do that"I had my eyes closed. I opened them and went to my room, Reth behind me. I set my stuff down, the charm bracelet and necklace still on me. Reth grabbed me from behind and kissed my cheek. "Reth. I have to go back downstairs, as do you."I said pulling him downstairs with me. "I found Reth!"I said smiling. 
"You are gonna have the best birthday ever now." he whispered in my ear. "I have to talk to Katelyn for a second." Reth said and pulled me away from everyone else. Into the Faerie Paths and to a field. This is going a birthday present to remeber.

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