Growing Up

Hi, my name is Angela I am 17 with dark brown hair and naturally tan skin. Most people just call me Angie, or slut. But can you blame them, that's what I am. I have a perfect family, which drives me insane! I sleep around, smoke, and drink. I have had my heart broken once, and it is never gonna happen again.........ever.


4. Thinking

Angie's POV

I sat next to Harry. "Hey Harry"  I said. 

"Hi Angie!" He smiled. "Meet Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn"

"Hi Louis, and Niall" I gave them both a small wave. "I met Liam in history, but hi". "Me and Zayn already know each other...kind of"

"Hey Angie" they all said. And then Niall and Zayn turned back to there food. We all sat in silence for a bit then Louis picked up his spoon and put it on his nose. 

"Look what I can do!" He almost shouted. 

"I can do it too" "I think everyone can" I said smiling. 

"Oh yeah! Prove it!" And Louis stuck his tongue out causing the spoon to fall off his nose. The look of shock on his face was so absurd that I had to laugh.

"You have a really nice laugh" Liam said smiling at me.

"Thanks.... I guess." It was wierd to be complimented.

"So Angie?" Harry said turning towards me.


"Are you going to Zayn's party on Friday?"

Stacy walked up just then. "Who is having a party?" she asked. 

"Hey Stacy" I said scooting over. "Everybody this is my best friend Stacy"

"Hi Stacy" They all said.

"So Angie? Are you?" Harry asked again

"Umm..... I don't really have a great track record with parties....." I don't want to ruin any good thought Harry had about me, by getting drunk and having sex with some random guy. That is what happened at every party I went to.

"What do you mean?" He said. Really? I had expected the stories to have spread by now, especially since he had been talking to Zayn.

"Um.... Well... I-

"Angie is a wild partier" Zayn cut in. "She gets drunk, and then sleeps with random people" Zayn then gave me an evil smile. So this is why he hasn't told any of them the stories yet. He wanted to see my face when he told them! That slimy bastard!! I looked back at the rest of the boys and they were all stareing at me.

"Excuse me" I said. I left the cafeteria and ran down the hall. Why did I care so much about what they thought? This was so not me! Why am I changing for them? It has to stop! I'm good with being a slut. I have learned to live with it. I am not going to stop being me because of them! Just then Stacy caught up with me.

"Hey girl, slow down!" She said grabbing my shoulder


"Because we have talk, why do you all the sudden care?" 

"I don't!"

"Well Zayn's comments don't usually piss you off so much"

"Ok fine! Maybe I was under some delusion that I could get some friends because of all the new kids that didn't know my story" I started speaking a mile a minute. "But obliviously I can't even have a peaceful lunch!" "How could I be soo stupid? Thinking they would like me just because they didn't know anything!" "We'll this just proves that I only need you Stacy" I steped toward her and have her a hug. "Thanks for always being there" then I walked to the bathroom to clean up for class.


I spent the rest of the day avoiding Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam. When I got home I went straight up to my room. Now let me tell you a little something about my family. We are rich, we live in a huge mansion with flat screen TVs in every room. My parents are perfect and they shove their perfection on the rest of us. I have 3 siblings, Jason, who is 3 years older than me. Mackenzie who is a year younger then me. Charity who is a year younger than Kenzie. Charity and Kenzie go to a private school because mom and dad claim they are in a higher brain level. Jason is in collage studying to be a lawyer like my dad. My mom co-owns a huge interior decorating business. I hardly ever see anyone in my family. We always have dinner together, every single night. And we have to dress up for dinner. And of course when we have guests we pretend to be a happy perfect family. We really don't know much about each other though. Jason and I have a very tight relationship, but I owe that to Drew. Whoops...... Not supposed to think about him. To distract myself I start doing my homework, I can't think straight because my mind keeps wandering  back to the boys at school. I am not going to let them change me! If I go back to being a good girl again the pain will come back too. I have been thinking to much about it. I will go to Zayn's party and prove him right!!! With that thought I got up to take a shower so I could be clean for dinner. 

Later that night I lay in bed trying not to think, it must have worked because I fell fast asleep.



Hellllllllooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for reading!!!!! Do you think I should put other people's POVs in the story??? I think it would make it more interesting:) what do you think? Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Peace out:p


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