Growing Up

Hi, my name is Angela I am 17 with dark brown hair and naturally tan skin. Most people just call me Angie, or slut. But can you blame them, that's what I am. I have a perfect family, which drives me insane! I sleep around, smoke, and drink. I have had my heart broken once, and it is never gonna happen again.........ever.


6. The Party!!!!


Harry's POV.

 I was standing by the window at Zayn's party and watched Angie and Stacy walk up the drive, they sure were taking their sweet time. I had wanted to talk to Angie after learning that she was basically a slut......but she avoided me for the rest of the week. Which was probably best because I really had no idea what to think about her anymore... Does it even matter? She seems like a nice person, maybe she is just trying to keep up an image? But she doesn't seem to enjoy being called a that can't be it. What ever the reason I need to get her to trust me, and let me in so that I can help her. I know I have only know her for a week but I think I am starting to like her.


Angie's POV

We walked in the door and I instantly knew that this was going to be one awesome party! I saw Harry standing next to the window and headed in the opposite direction. Me and Stacy went into the kitchen and we both grabbed a Budweiser, then went and sat down. After my third beer I decided that I was going to go dance. I walked out onto the dance floor and started swinging my hips to the music, someone  came up behind me and put their arms around my waist. I turned around and found myself looking at Niall, the only blonde in Harry's circle of friends. I could tell he was really, really drunk, he grabbed my hips and brought me close to him. Then he whispered in my ear, "You look really sexy tonight" I looked at his face and started laughing. "Go away Niall I am not in the mood yet" I gave him a wink and moved away from him. 

"Aww come on Angie!!!" He then gave me the puppy dog eyes.

"No, I really don't think I have had enough to drink to even do something like that." 

"Oh...Well come here then" he took my hand a dragged me back to the kitchen and handed me a shot of Vodka.

Liam was leaning up against the counter, he had a beer in his hand but wasn't drinking it. When he felt me looking at him, he smiled at me and motioned with his head that he wanted to talk. So I downed my shot and followed him outside.

"So what's up?" I said.

Just then Harry came out of the house, "Angie I want to talk to you"

"Ummm..Can it wait I was talking to Liam?" I don't know why I was ok talking to Liam but wanted to avoid talking to Harry. Harry looked from me to Liam, and back again. 

"Sure, I guess I can wait" he said backing up and going back into the house.

"So what did you want to talk about?" I said turning back to Liam.

"I was just wondering why you have been avoiding us all week?"

"Liam.... You know why I have been avoiding you!" Great I was already getting angry.

"Actaully Angie, I don't know!" 

"Well.. It's because of what happened during lunch on Monday" I don't know why I was explaining this to him! He should know!

"You're avoiding us, because we found out that you sleep around?!?" He said. Like it was some unnatural thing to do.

"Yes! That is the exact reason!" I yelled at him. "Why are you making it sound like I should have stuck around?" "Who would want to still talk to me after finding out I sleep around?"

"Well we obviously do!" Liam was getting angry now. "Why can't you let us have our own opinions? You just walk away and think we are going to hate you, just because everyone else does?" 

I was in shock, why would he not hate me?

"I really want to get to know you" Liam said, moving closer to me. He stuck out his hand, and said "Hi, I'm Liam Payne" 

This was so wierd for me, he wanted to know me? Maybe I wanted to know him too. I took his hand and said "Hi Liam, I'm Angela Dawson". He gripped my hand tighter and pulled me closer to him.

"Well Angela, do you want to go dance?" He wispered in my ear. 

"Hahaha, yes Liam lets go dance" I pulled him inside and to the dance floor. Niall staggered over to us.

"Annngiee, yourrr back!" Niall slurred. 

He was even more drunk than before. I am surprised he is still standing! He handed me his glass of Vodka, and grabbed the blonde standing next to him and started sucking her face off. Liam and I laughed and then turned back to our dancing.

"Are you going to drink that or can I?" He asked pointing to the Vodka I was still holding.

"I think I can handle it" I said smiling at him and then downing the entire contents of the cup. We danced a little bit longer, and then we want to get more to drink. Ten minutes later we were both back to dancing, only this time we were both so drunk we could barely see. 

"You are so hot right now!" Liam said, pulling me closer. He turned me around so that his stomach was touching my back, I gasped when he slid his hands across my stomach and bit my ear. 

"I so want to fuck you" he whispered seductivly in my ear. I got really wet, and started breathing really heavily. He stared rubbing his thumbs in circles on my stomach, and pulling my hips toward his. I could feel him getting harder every time my hips met his. I couldn't take it anymore, I turned around and roughly placed my lips on his, he kissed me back just as hard. We slowly started making our way towards the stairs. After stumbling up and finding an empty room, he pushed me on the bed and stripped me and himself. There was to be absolutely no teasing tonight. He climbed on top of me and slammed in to me. He didn't give me time to adjust when he did it again, faster and harder than before. MY GOD HE IS HuGE! Then I blacked out.




Hello my lovely people!!!!!!!!! Sorry for taking soooooooo long!!!!! I hope you like the chapter!!!!!!!!


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