Growing Up

Hi, my name is Angela I am 17 with dark brown hair and naturally tan skin. Most people just call me Angie, or slut. But can you blame them, that's what I am. I have a perfect family, which drives me insane! I sleep around, smoke, and drink. I have had my heart broken once, and it is never gonna happen again.........ever.


3. School Drama

Harry's POV

Angie seemed like an incredible girl. I wonder why she always looked so sad? After our little spat, she just sat there quietly with her head against the window. I wanted to talk to her more, but she obviously wanted to be left alone. So were both sat there silently. Once we got to the school building she hurried off the bus, and I slowly made my way off.  As I stepped out I bumped into somone. "Oops, sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" I said really fast. Then I had time to look at who I had bumped into, it was a boy who was slightly shorter than me, with flipped brown hair.

"Don't worry about it" he said and smiled. "I'm Louis by the way"

"Harry" I said shaking his hand. 

"I'm new too, but I can try to show you around"

"That would be nice" 

We headed off to the building together.


Angie's POV


I hurried off the bus really fast so that Harry wouldn't talk to me anymore. I had scared myself by giving him a smile. I spotted Stacy and ran up and gave her a big hug. 

"Omg Angie I have missed you soo much" she said as she squeezed me really tight.

"Stacy! I have missed you too!" "How have you been?"

"Good I guess, my family is driving me crazy! What about you?"

This is why I loved Stacy, she understood me. She knew exactly what I was going through.

"Same" I said

"Well we really need to catch up, but I have to get to class" Stacy said. "See you at lunch!"

"See ya!"

We hugged bye and she rushed off. As I was walking into the building, I noticed there were a lot of new people this year. Yay! More people to hate me. As soon as I got inside the name calling started. "Slut!" "Whore" "Trash" Were being wispered from every direction. I had learned to live with it, but it still kinda hurt. I made my way to my locker, only to turn away from it really fast. The person with the locker right next to mine was...........drum roll please!!!! HARRY STYLES!!!  Wow this crappy day just gets better and better. But I had to get my books, so I took a deep breath and walked over.

"Hey Angie" he said with that smile of his. "Why did you leave the bus so fast?" 

I couldn't tell him the truth. "I felt a little car sick" I lied.

"Oh ok, I hope you feel better!" 

"I feel much better, thanks"

"Haha no problem" he laughed.

I loved his laugh, it was dark and throaty. I have really got to start thinking straight!!! These thoughts have to stop. 

"Um well I have to get to class so see you later!" I tried to hurry off but he stopped me.

"Can I sit with you at lunch?" He asked looking me in the eyes. 

"Well mostly I sit alone, but sure why not:)" 

"Ok then see you at lunch" 

Then he walked off, and I had to rush to History class. As soon as I walked in I knew I was going to hate my teacher. She was uptight and severe looking. I sat down and tryed to zone out. Halfway through class somone threw a paper ball at me, I unfolded it and expected it to have "Slut" written all over it. It said "You really look like you are enjoying class:)", I looked around and this boy with really short brown hair and a slight unibrow was looking right at me. When I caught his eye he gave me a huge smile."Well you really look like you are paying attention" I wrote back. "I am to busy paying attention to something much better than class", my mouth opened slightly. Was he flirting with me?!?!? What was with all these new kids? I guess they didn't know yet that I was the school slut. Maybe this was my chance to have some real guy friends? WOAH!!!!! Hold up there!!!!!! My mind yelled at me. I folded the note up and looked back at the teacher. As soon as the bell rang I was up and out of my seat, I got stopped by the crowd and he caught up with me. 

"My name is Liam" he said.

I looked up and met his deep brown eyes.

He looked straight into mine and said "What's yours?"

"Angie" I said then hurried off. 

The rest of my morning classes were very uneventful, except for the occasional name calling. When it was time for lunch I went looking for Stacy. I got to the cafeteria and Harry stood up and waved me over. I grabbed my lunch and slowly made my way over to his table. I wonder why he is still being so nice I am sure my story has spread around by now. As I came closer I noticed who he was sitting with, Liam the guy from History, a blonde dude, a guy with flipped brown hair, and......ZAYN MALIk. Wow I wonder how they became friends? Zayn was the bad boy of the school you think that would mean we are friends but we are the opposite! Were hate each other!! 

Well this is going to be awkward. So much drama!



Hello!!!!! Thank you for reading!!! What do you think of putting Harry's POV in? Should I keep it just in Angie's POV? Let me know:) :) bye!!:)





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