Growing Up

Hi, my name is Angela I am 17 with dark brown hair and naturally tan skin. Most people just call me Angie, or slut. But can you blame them, that's what I am. I have a perfect family, which drives me insane! I sleep around, smoke, and drink. I have had my heart broken once, and it is never gonna happen again.........ever.


2. Living On

Angie's POV

4:30 am

I woke up from a horrible nightmare about Drew in a cold sweat. Summer had just ended and I was going back to school today. I had spent my entire summer getting in trouble, which Jason would bail me out of. He was the only person I trusted, the only person I could stand to be around, well except for my best friend Stacy. I tried to be good for Jason's sake but it never worked out. I didn't have any guy friends because I had pretty much messed around with every guy in school. Most of the girls at school hate me, but I don't really care. They are just jealous cause I have fooled around with all of their boyfriends, or at least that is what I like telling myself. 

Since I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep I got up and took a shower, making sure to clean my long brown hair thoroughly. After my shower I got dressed into some jean boyfriend shorts, a loose white crop top and my converse. After grabbing breakfast I made my way to the bus stop. This was my least favorite part of the day, being stuck in a bus with tons of girls who hate you and tons of guys that stare at your ass as you walk to the back of the bus. I was walking back, but stopped in my tracks, someone was sitting in my one is allowed to sit in my spot. It was a boy, he had curly brown hair and a nice smile. He was good looking, he was actually kind of hot. Wow! What am I thinking? I don't think about guys like that. I shook my head clearing it, and walked up to him.

"Um that is my spot" I said folding my arms. He just stared at my with his surprisingly green eyes, like he was trying to stare me down.

"You can't save spots" he finially said.

"Yes I can, now get out!"

"I don't think I want to" he said smirking. "My name is Harry, by the way, what is yours?"

"I don't care what your fucking name is, I just want my spot back". This kid was really starting to piss me off. 

"Ok fine, but you have to tell me your name first"

"Really? Seriously? That is all you want??" Even though I was mad at him I could help but like him a little for asking for something so simple. 

"That's all I want, just your name" 

"Ok, my name is Angela, but most people call me Angie." 

He stuck out his hand " Nice to meet you Angie, pretty name by the way""I'm Styles, Harry Styles"

I shook his hand " Yeah you already told me" I then gave him a small smile which felt weird, I had not really smiled since Drew.

Harry then moved out of my spot and let me sit down. I leaned my head against the window trying to figure out what the smile had meant. We rode the rest of the way to school in silence. I knew today was going to be crappy, although maybe it will turn out better than I think. Yup this was me living on.



Hello lovelies!!!! Thank you for reading my first Movella!!! I am trying really hard to make it a good one. Please tell me what you think. I am also very open to suggestions!! Well bye for now:) 


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