What happens in London stays in London

When Megan and her friend Kiara go on a vacation after graduation to London will it be just the relaxing vacation they have always dreamed of? Or will it be totally diffrent? Find out what will happen when these two friends come face to face with the biggest boy band in the world .... One Direction!!


6. chapter 6

Kiara's P.O.V

I'm so happy for Megan she loves One Direction so much and she is on a date with Niall Horan.Then a knock at the door ruined my thought."Can you get that Kiara" I heard Alex yell from the bathroom. Did she order food again. As a opened the door I saw the one thing that scared me the most in my life. The one person that made me so scared that hurt me so much that I never want to love again. As I looked up to the 6'1 monster in fear I swear I think he smelt it. "MIss me" Wanye said in his deep voice that made the hair on the back of my neck raise." No no I didn't what the hell are u doing here Wayne why are you in London not just that what are doing at my hotel room". I yelled at him while he just stood there and chuckled. God I hate him so much I didn't always hate him for 3 months I loved him. Then he started going to that bars and would come see me when he was drunk. He then would beat me even after I broke up with him he would still end up beating me. I was so scared of him finally he moved away and I was happy. "BABY" I heard Alex yell as she ran up to Wayne and hugged him". wait...........WHAT?!?!?!! Did Alex just call Wayne baby and hug him now they are kissing. Did I miss something this is so wrong I know that Alex hates me and everytghing but to date my ex that abused me and to invite him to our hotel. I knew she had a moticve to being here. Then the door swung open and there stood Megan. "What the hell" she yelled. "what is Wayne doing here get the fuck out of our hotel room Wayne you are so not wanted here". "Oh sorry did I not tell that me and Wayne are together" Alex said. My blood is boiling I'm about to exploded that bitch!!!!

Alex's P.O.V

Hahahahaha OMG Kiara's face was priceless I already know thgis plan is goig to ruin there trip and hopefully ruin Kiara and Megan's friendship. I am only usinf Wayne I could care less if he fell off of the iffiel tower......hay that's an idea. "Alex what the hell I thought you hated Wayne and why the hell would you bring him here you know that Kiara and him had a thing" Megan screamed at me while Kiara just looked ta the floor. "Oh I didn't know they had a thing and no I would never hate Wayne we started dating 3 months ago" I replied sweetly damn I'm a good actress. "Liar" I heard Kiara mumble. "If you don't like that I'm happy and can't act grownup then fine I'll pack my stuff and go". I said proudly and walked to my closet. "Wait as long as you promise no funny business i guess it would be okay if you stayed" Megan said. Yes my plan worked now to ruin Kiara's life!!!! "OK" I said and walked back to them.


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