What happens in London stays in London

When Megan and her friend Kiara go on a vacation after graduation to London will it be just the relaxing vacation they have always dreamed of? Or will it be totally diffrent? Find out what will happen when these two friends come face to face with the biggest boy band in the world .... One Direction!!


4. chapter 4

Niall's P.O.V

After what just happened i couldnt get her off my mind her eyes, her hair, her smile, her laugh. they were all so perfect to me. i Ate and went home me and the boys had a short interview and then i went to her contact ..what should i say? What if she doesnt even like me? a bunch of things rushed through my head. When i finally texted her Wanna maybe hangout-Niall after  About 2 minutes of waiting i heard my phone beep Yes that sounds fun, when?-Megan In about an hour?-Niall Yea heres my hotel address ****************** -Megan Okay i wil be there in a hour-Niall thats it, tonight im going to find out weither what i felt was something or not. i got ready and looked in the mirror one last time before opening my door and leaving i hoped into my car and drove to the hotel address that she sent me. "Hey "she said ...she was waiting for me in lobby of the hotel. "hey" i replied while brushing my fingers through my hair a habit of mine when i am nervous "you ready?" i asked she looked amzaing and i really dont know how to talk to girls i suck.. you would think that it would be easy since i talk to girls all the time and 99% of my fans are girls but something is diffrent about this girl.. but its a good diffrent! "yeup" "by the waay you look seriously amazing today" "thanxs" she replied and looked down blushing "okay lets go" i said grabbing her hand. 


Kiaras P.O.V

i was super happy that megan was going out, but that means i am stuck with the bitch alex hmm maybe she will go somewhere. "hey who did megan go on a date with?" alex asked with a smirk on her face "omg she just went on a date with THE NIALL HORAN!" i said becasue i wasnt thinking and i forgot that alex was a giant one direction fan hopefully she wont ruin this the smirk that was on her fast slowly diaperreard and turned into anger "she what!" "i said she went on a date with THE NIALL HORAN" "are you fucking kidding me?!" she screamed and then quickly added  "oh i am gunnna!!!.....

*authors note*

hey my lovelys well thank you for reading so far .. so what are your thoughts so far and what do you thing alex is gunna do?!?

hm leave your thoughts in the comment section!


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