What happens in London stays in London

When Megan and her friend Kiara go on a vacation after graduation to London will it be just the relaxing vacation they have always dreamed of? Or will it be totally diffrent? Find out what will happen when these two friends come face to face with the biggest boy band in the world .... One Direction!!


3. chapter 3

 Kiara's P.O.V

 I cant belive megan would let Alex stay with us i guess she is right though we are all adults and it is time to grow up. It will be okay i mean we dont even have to do anything with her i went and got megan "hey can we go eat im soo hungry!!" i whispered "oh yea sure just let me go tell Alex" she said "NO"i yelled "why not?" "well..umm .. i just wanted to spend time with you ..and well not her" "okay okay come on" she said. "yay! so im thinking nandos!" i said after we got into the parking lot. "sure sounds good" she replied getting into the car. after about ten minutes we finally got to Nandos. "uh yes we will both have the Peri Peri chcken please" "yes that will be 14.50 please" we payed and then sat down ate and then left right before we left we noticed ALOT of girls thier with thier camers out "what the hell is going on here?"i heard megan whisper to me "i dont know" i said We pushed our way through the crowd.. when we finally got to the middle and megan bumped into someone

Megans P.O.V

We finally got into the middle and i bumped into someone "fuck im so sorry " i mumbled "its fine" i heard a irish accent say i looked up and looked straight into his big blue eyes i noticed his beautiful blonde hair and everything else dissapered. "um..do you want to hangout maybe?" he said scratching the back of his neck "yes sure" i replied he handed me his phone and i put my number into it and texted myself so i had his number "Megan i like that name he said looking at his new contact "thanks" i said blushing "well i better go .. oh and one more thing dont give my number to anyone please" "of course" i replied walking out as soon as we got out i turned to kiara we both started screaming and ran back to the car and went back to the hotel 2 hours later i got a txt from ...............

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