What happens in London stays in London

When Megan and her friend Kiara go on a vacation after graduation to London will it be just the relaxing vacation they have always dreamed of? Or will it be totally diffrent? Find out what will happen when these two friends come face to face with the biggest boy band in the world .... One Direction!!


2. chapter 2

Alex's P.O.V

When i heard megan and kiara were going to London i just had to go too i mean i cant let them get to my future husband before me. Me and niall are perfect for eachother.. even though we havent even met. So i got on the next plane and followed them. I finally found where they were staying.. i let them get comfortable before i went to them. I knocked and waited until megan came to the door and aswered it "oh what do you want.. wait why the fuck are you even here!" she basically screamed at me "well i didnt know you guys were going and well there arent anymore rooms .. so i was hopeing since we are all adults here we could get along and maybe i could share a room with you" i tried to answer sweetly but really i just wanted to ruin these girls i hated them with everything in me. "well since we are adults i guess so but one mistake and your out" she growled making it very clear she didnt really like the idea "great!"i said as nicely as  possible as i  could while looking at this ugly bitch. I mean she was nice almost too nice but she was deffinatly ugly. well i guess she was actuyally beautiful but she couldnt know that because to be honest i was always jelous of her... but if she does meet one direction thats one thing she couldnt have. I walked passed her and found kiara sitting there " HII" i said as cheery as posiible i hated kiara too. "um why the fuck are you in our room and why the fuck are you in London?!" she hissed. " well you see i came but there arent anymore rooms and megan said i could stay with you guys since we are all adults here" she looked down then shot me a death look .. oh if looks could kill... i woiuld be dead..."oh..."she said looking around "MEAGAN!!" she yelled "what??" i heard meagn yell back "come here" "sure whats the issue"she asked walking into the room. "you told Alex she could stay here?!?" that sorta hurt .. what why do i care i hate them.. "well..umm..yea...i mean its time we got over all this we are all adult time to grow up" "well okay" kiara replied getting up and walking away.. time to fuck up thier lives....

*authors note*

thanks for reading and please keep reading i have great plans for this book .. thanks again!! :)

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