What happens in London stays in London

When Megan and her friend Kiara go on a vacation after graduation to London will it be just the relaxing vacation they have always dreamed of? Or will it be totally diffrent? Find out what will happen when these two friends come face to face with the biggest boy band in the world .... One Direction!!


1. Chapter 1

Megans P.O.V

"Kiara hurry up we are going to be late for our flight!" i screamed at her she is always late!! "Calm down im coming" She said sounding a little annoyed. we finally got into the car and started driving to the airport. "i wonder if we will see anyone, as in boys there" i said nuging kiara with my elbow."i know some cute british boys" she replied "imagine how crazy it would be if we saw one direction there!!" she added "now that would be amaZAYN!!" i quickly said .We listened to music and chatted a little bit in a bout 20 minutes we got to the airport. We boarded the plane and sat down we both got a blanket and put in our ear phones and drifted asleep i think this is one of the reasons we get on so well.. we both love music and sleep. i woke up rubbing my eyes with kiara staring at me"get up lazy ass we have a big day and u slept the whole flight!"  i groaned as in 'leave me alone and let me sleep'. "nope u need to get up and get off the plane" "no" "what if one direction are out there "those words made me stand up and grab my bags "finally" she yelled i just laughed. when wefinaly got to our hotel and setteled into our room we heard a knock at the door. i got up to answer it when i saw...

*authors note*

hi btw thank you for reading even to here and i have ALOT planned for this books so please keep reading!! oh and just saying i have alot of cliffhangers so be prepared!!!

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