Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


42. Poisoned

Nubia's POV.

I feel like shit realizing  I woke up from a nap. 

I sat up and Niall walked in.

" Hey princess , how are you feeling?" Niall asks , holding a tray with a glass of water and two pills.

He sat beside me moving the tray onto my lap.

" F- Fine ... babe? " I ask.

" Yeah baby? " 

" What happened?" 

" You were poisoned, you and Alex. " Poisoned? What?

" Wha? How? " I ask him.

" I don't know baby, the doctor checked you out and said you had the same type of poison as Alexandra had the time she was found in the burger place. He said if he would've taken any longer you would've spilled your guts into the toilet. " Niall says. I say nothing and stare at the tray in front of me.

" Oh! Yeah & here is medicine to help you get better and stop from being in the toilet for long. " Niall speaks again.

" Oh , Okay. " I say placing the two tiny pills onto my mouth then placing the cup on my lips and swallowing everything together. 


" There's something going on.. " I tell Alexandra as we're sitting alone in the livingroom. 

" What do you mean? " Alex asks.

" You were poisoned once. Remember? Once is an accident , twice is a coincidence and - "

" 3 times is on purpose .. " Alex says , finishing for me.

 " But who would do this? " Alex asks.

" It's probably someone trying to get back at you ... but who? .. " I say.

" I. Don't. Know. " 

Freya's POV. 

Everything seems so surreal to me. 

These people are telling me they're family and I barely remember  who they are.. I've actually regained some memory, helping the situation ... 

Tontitorn is my grandma, I live with her, Rose  and my mom.. my mom. Where's my mom?

Rose is my one and only sister. She's 13 .. two years younger than me since I'm 15. 

Louis , my older brother. He's in a world wide known boy band with 4 other boys. 3 brits Liam ,  Zayn & Harry and 1 irish ... Niall. Harry came with him while the rest of them are somewhere with their girlfriends.

There's something missing .. like there's something important I've forgotten.

" Hey beautiful , guess what? " Louis says as he walks in, alone.

" What? " I ask.

" Doctor said you can come back home tomorrow!" He tells me.

" Seriously?" I ask him smiling ear to ear.

" Yes!" He tells me smiling also.

Finally.. I can go home.

Louis' POV

 Everything is so different with Freya now. 

I'm afraid that somehow she'll remember that she hates me and I'll never have a good enough bond , the way it is right now..

After visiting Freya and telling her she could come back home I walked to the other side of the hospital to mum's room.

I knock on her door and hear her speak a gentle ' come in. '

I open the door and see her eating lunch. Chicken breast , mashed potatoes and broccoli with some apple juice.

" Oh my baby! " She said in a motherly tone, warming my heart.

" Hey mum , how are you feeling? " I ask her walking to a chair beside her.

" Fine, fine. Is your sister getting better? " 

" Yeah, a little.. she'll be able to come home tomorrow!" I tell her .

" That's great! Hopefully while she's home you and her can build up a bon- "

" How are you Mrs. Moore? " Dr.Pacheco chimes in , walking into the room.

" Good , uh , when will I be able to come home?" Mum asks.

" Great news! You'll be able to come home after we finish your paperwork! " Doctor says. A wide smile spread across mum's face.

" This is amazing! Oh my god. " Mum yelled out.

Danielle's POV

"She's still alive?!" I was pissed.

" Yeah, someone called a doctor ... " .Rainy told me.

" Where are you anyways? " I ask her.

" In the loft next to theirs.. my loft is a bit higher because it's on a hill , so I can see everything. " 

" Well we have to do something else because if we try poisoning them again they'll be on to us! " 

" Fine , fine I'll think of something else.. wait, they're all leaving" she tells me . Perfect.

" What's that address again? " I ask , a mischievous smile playing on my face.

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