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19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


45. On & Off

Okay , so I changed the last few lines on the last chapter because I had a different story line on this chapter. So I hope you like it and here goes! (:


Freya's POV

I'm home. Aleast that's what everyone tells me.

I walk into the living room and a lady I've never seen before  comes up to me and hugs me , tightly. I feel bad not knowing who she is because the hug seems to have an emotional feel to it.

" Oh my goodness , sweetie. How I've missed you! " She tells me. I'm still speechless and I look down. " Y- You don't, don't remember me , do you? " The pretty lady tells me. " I'm sorry ... I don't. " I tell her. She wipes a few tears from her tears and smiles. " I- It's okay ... My name is Ha'ani . I'm your mother. " Mother? Then why hasn't she visited me? Why? ...

After hugging everybody else , Louis showed me to my room. I remember a few things but the rest was so unfamiliar. The photos on my wall.. I don't know half of the people in them. A phone was on my bed, guessing on where it is it's probably mine. I grab it and luckily I didn't have a password. I open it and look through my photos.. messages.. Instagram.. Twitter. Again, some things were a complete blur and others , I was able to remember.

" Lunch is ready! " Grandma Tonti says knocking on the door and opening it. " We'll be down in a few. " Louis says and grandma leaves. I sit on my bed and put my head down. " Something wrong? " Louis asks. " A little.. Can  I ask you something?" I answer. " Anything. " He tells me , walking towards the end of my bed and sitting down , facing me. " How come , uh mum, hasn't visited me? " I ask and Louis gets closer. " Well , before you got into that accident and lost your memory , mum and dad were in an accident on their own... they were both announced dead but just before they were going to take all the monitors and everything on mum, her heart came back to life. I don't know exactly how , but it happened. " " So where's dad? " I ask looking up at Lou. " Well , he.. he passed away. And the reason mum wouldn't visit was because she was in the same hospital , just on the other end. " He finishes and I feel a tear flow down my cheeks. My dad died and my mum was in the hospital and I can't even remember. What wrong with me?! I wipe away my tear and speak " Uh , let's go eat. Yeah? " " Of course " Louis answers and we make our way into the kitchen and settle down to eat. Grandma made Lasagna, she said it was my favorite. But of course, I couldn't remember.

Nubia's POV

" Everyone ready?" I hear Liam shout.

" ALMOST!" I yell out , smoothing out the edges on my ' White One Shoulder Lace Body-Con Dress ' and fix the little hairs sticking out from my bun. I walk out of my restroom , grab my clutch filled with red lipstick, my cellphone, bobby pins and emergency money hidden in an empty chapstick tube. I closed the door from Niall's and my room and into the livingroom where everyone else was. "Everyone  here?" Liam speaks. We all nod and Niall intertwines our fingers before walking out of the front door and into the car. 

I sit next the a window and rest my head on Niall's shoulder with our hands fingers still intertwined to each others' for the next hour and a half.

I know , I know .. an hour and a half is a long time but it's the closest club we could find.

Soon I felt a nudge in my shoulder and a ' we're here ' come from Niall's mouth, which made me realize I had fallen asleep on the way. I grabbed my phone from out of my clutch, put my camera front view and turned on the car light. I checked to make sure my make up hadn't smeared , which luckily it hadn't.

" Ready beautiful? " Niall asks me , putting my hand for me to grab onto. I put my phone back in my clutch turned off the light and took a hold of Niall's hand to come across the smell of alcohol , banging music and sleazy half naked women all around the place. 

Louis gave his keys to the valet guy as we walked into the club.

Zayn's POV

Sereen and I walked towards the bar while everyone else went to completely different directions. " So do you drink? " I ask her and she nods. I ordered two drinks , random ones on the menu.

We both sit down on the bar stools and wait for our drinks , which didn't take long. Once we got them Sereen didn't waste a second. She chugged the drink down as if it was the first drink she's had in years. " Thirsty much? " I ask with a chuckle as I try to finish mine. She just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

There wasn't else much to do so I pulled her onto the dance floor. Within a few moments we were Sereen and I began to dance recklessly as the music raged from one song to another. We dance , grinding on each other as if neither one of has had any clothes on. The bass of the music, constantly dropping captivating both of us.

I never knew Sereen would do this. Dance like this. Let alone with me.

This feeling kept constant the whole night as we didn't stop , not even for a second. My adrenaline was pumping , this was something I hadn't done in a long time.

Liam's POV

It's the first night Alexandra and I have gone to a club and I feel like I won't be as great of a dancer as she thought I would be. These nerves keep jumbling up into me and I don't think I can keep them any longer. " Babe? Can we go dance?" she asks me standing up from the stool. " Uh, I'm not feeling to good right now.. " I tell her , with the fastest excuse I could think of. " Oh, do you wanna go home? "She tells me walking towards me and rubbing her hand on my cheek." No, no I'm fine... Why don't you go on your own? I'll go once I feel better. Okay? " I say into her ear as the bass drops and screams become louder. " Are you sure? " " Positive baby. " I tell her and she kisses me before prancing towards the dance floor.

I can't believe it. I have a beautiful girlfriend , willing to do everything for me , to make me smile. Yet  I'm dumb enough to not go dance with her? No, I'm not going to be that guy. I'm going to walk up to her and dance, even if I don't know how to. Atleast she'll know I'm doing it to make her happy. I have to do it. What boyfriend wouldn't? What's the worst that'll happen?

" A shot? " I tell the bartender. He puts a small glass on the bar and grabs a glass full of liquid from a shelf and pours it. " Thanks I tell him and pay him. I take the shot and am soon on my feet.

I walk towards the dance floor and soon swallowed by sweaty , half naked people grinding on each other. Alex quickly catches my eye and I realize she's dancing with a guy. A guy. She's dancing with a guy. I.. I .. I should leave. Clearly she'd rather be dancing with someone else.

I find Zayn and Sereen grinding on each other.. why can't that be me and Alexandra? Why?

" I'm leaving. " I say into his ear. " Alright , see you later! " He tells me getting back into the zone with Sereen. I head towards the entrance and realize I have no other way to get to the loft unless I took the car everyone else came in. So I decided the stay outside , wait for everyone to leave home.

Alexandra's POV

I'm having a good time dancing, it would be better if Liam had come but I wouldn't want to stay and upset him for not doing as he wanted me to do.

" Hey beautiful. " a voice says and I turn around hoping it's Liam. It's not. The guy starts grinding on me and I feel uncomfortable. He has his arm wrapped around me and I try to get away but his grasp tightens. " Get off of me!" I yell , which isn't very loud because of the music. " Oh sweetie, you know you want me. " He tells me and I could smell the reek of alcohol in his breath. " No. I. Don't. " I say , pushing after every word. " How about we go to the restroom , and well you know. " The sleez ball tells me , winking. I gasp and slap him, hard.

He touches his cheek with both of his hands which gives me the chance to run for it. So I do. I run, run away. Run towards Liam.

When I get to the stools Liam and I were sitting at , there was another couple. Liam left.. maybe he went to the restroom...

I waited there, standing for a good 5 minutes and no sign of Liam. I go back into the dance floor in search of Zayn or Niall , looking in every corner for and sleez ball . Trying to prevent any of the events that happened about 7 minutes ago.

I find Niall and Nubia , and when I ask for Liam they say they haven't seen him. Oh my goodness. I keep looking for Zayn and Sereen and when I do find them all Zayn tells me is that he went home.

But he couldn't have gone home.. he gave me his money so he wouldn't drop it and he can't take the car. " I have to go find him. " I tell Zayn , walking away. " No, we'll come with you. I'm not leaving you alone. " He tells me as Sereen and him are finally standing a few spaces from each other, preventing them to keep grinding on each other. " I'll go find Niall , it's late anyways. Stay here. " Zayn says leaving Sereen and I alone. She begins to rub my back with her hand , which sort of relaxes me in a way.

We wait until Zayn , Niall and Nubia come back and we leave the sweaty, dirty dance floor. We leave the club and as I walk into the cold Hawaiian air, I begin to shake uncontrollably. " Are you okay? " Nubia asks me putting half her coat towards me. " Y- Yeah , just a little cold. " I tell her.

I walk to the end of the concrete and look side to side just in case Liam had stayed.

As I was about to turn around I saw my boyfriend , back against the and head down on the floor. I shrug Nubia's coat off me and run towards him. Liam. My boyfriend. My everything.

" Liam!" I yell as I run into him. Hugging him tightly, relief washing over me. " A- Alexandra? " " Y- Y- Yes. " I answer. " Oh no, you're shivering. Here. " He takes off his coat and wraps it around me. I feel a warm feeling replacing all the cold. " Why are you here? " I finally ask him, as he wraps me into his arms. " I was going to go dance but then I saw you with that guy, having fun. I guess I got jealous .. and I - I  just left. " he tells me  " Oh Liam , the man was horrid. I had to slap him to be able to get away from him" I looked up at him and he looked down at me. " I came to look for you because it didn't seem right, I couldn't dance without you, without my boy. " I finish and a tear drops onto my cheek. Not my tear , but Liam's tear. " I love you "  he tells me and soon crashes his lips into mine. The kiss was perfect , our kisses became perfect and perfect every time and words couldn't explain them. " I love you too. " I tell him as he pulls away. Liam looks towards the two other couples standing close to us and smiles. " Uh , sweetie. I think we should get going now. " He tells me, kissing my forehead before helping me up , then getting up himself. We walked towards the car, hopped in and drove off.


Author's Note : One more chapter left!

I got home from Virginia yesterday! I grabbed the laptop for a bit and started retyping this chapter because I got another idea with help of a friend! Hope you like it and I think this will be the last chapter, unless I change my mind into making a sequel.. I don't know. Well I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

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