Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


21. No more Secret

Lady : Well I'm a nurse at Park Hill Hospital and I'd like to inform you that your biological parents Ha'ani and Martin have just passed away.

Me : Biological parents? What are you talking about ? My biological parents are Troy and  Johannah.

Lady: According to your birth records , Troy and Johannah are your adopted parents. You were given up for adoption once you were able to leave the Infirmary.

Me : This can't be.. This is just a joke isn't it?

Lady : I'm sorry Mr. Tomlinson but you are adopted and your biological parents have passed away.

Me : Umm, can I come down there and atleast see them? ..

Lady : Of course. They will be getting ready for their burial during the week and you can visit anytime. Is that okay with you?

Me :Of course.. thank you very much. uh , what's your name ?

Lady : Your welcome and my name is Adamina.

Me : Okay Adamina. I appreciate you calling . Goodnight .

Adamina : Goodnight .

I. Can't. Believe. This. I'm adopted. I have to call Johannah. I have to make sure this is serious.

I dial Johannah's number and press 'call' and the ringing begins.

Johannah : Hello sweetie.

Me : Mum, is there something you have been keeping my WHOLE life?

Johannah : Um, no sweetheart , why?

Me : Are you sure  you have nothing to say. "mom"?

Johannah : Woah, what are you talking about Louis ?


Johannah : Honey, uh..

Me : Answer me now.

Johannah : Well yes Louis. You are adopted.

Me : Why in bloody hell didn't you tell me before!?

Johannah : I couldn- wait... how do you know your adopted?

Me : I got a call from Park Hill Hospital in Doncaster stating my birth parents have died.

Johannah : Oh my goodness sweetie ..

Me : Yeah.. and I'm going back to Doncaster to visit them before they're buried.

Johannah : I'll go with you .. just tell me wh-

Me : NO. I'm going alone.

Johannah : Are you sure about that I mea-

Me : I'm POSITIVE. Nothing will change my mind and I don't want you to try to get into MY business now.

Johannah : Okay sweetheart. Just take it easy and don't do anything you'll regret. You have the boys... Let them comfort you...

There was a silence in the conversation for a while.

Johannah : Well goodnight Louis ..

Me : Wait mum.. is Louis my REAL name? Or is it what you named me ?

Johannah : Ha'ani told me to name you Louis William.. she said she promised that her first born boy would be named that way , even if she had to give him away. She told me it meant Famous Warrior Protector.

Me : Okay .. well Goodnight Johannah..

Johannah : Goodnight Louis.

Seconds after I hung up I heard a knock at the door.

"Come in " I a polite manner.

I see everyone come in .. it kinda freaked me out .. I thought there would be more bad news..

"Hey , uh , mate. Are you alright ? We heard you yell several times and came rushing to your door. We waited until your conversation was over to come in." Liam said.

"I just.. found out my parents are dead.. " I said , low.

"Johannah and Troy are dead?!" Harry asks in fright.

"No , Ha'ani and Martin are dead.." I say even lower.

" Who 's Ha'ani and Martin? " Niall asks.

"My biological parents." I tell everyone.

"Bu-" Zayn tries t o say something  but I cut him off.

"Ha'ani gave birth to me... Johannah and Troy adopted me right after I came out of the hospital.. and I got a call from a nurse from a hospital in Doncaster telling me they just passed away." I say , keeping myself from bawling . " and now I'm going to look for a flight to Doncaster to go visit them before they are buried." I speak again.

I see everyone either looking at the floor or looking at me with teary eyes.

"Do you want me to come with you Louis?" Harry asks , getting closer.

"No, it's fine . I have to do this alone" I answer him.

"Louis.. stop. I know you're not okay and you're not stable enough to go alone . I'm going with you. " Harry says with pleading eyes.

"Fine ... I found tickets for a flight at 6" I tell him.

"In the afternoon?" Harry asks.

"Tomorrow morning. " I tell him, and his eyes almost pop out " I know it's a little early but I have to go sooner than later Harry."

'Okay.. whatever you need Tommo." Harry looks at me and smiles.

Thank God I have an amazing best friend like Harry.

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