Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


27. New Crush

About 2O minutes later a nurse comes into the room and ushers Liam and I into a hallway , leading to Alexandra's room.

 As soon as we get in, Liam rushes to her side. It made me tingle inside knowing how much Liam actually likes my best friend. 

Liam comforts Alex for a while, then I hear them laugh.. I get closer to see all the needles attached to her , which scares me.

" How you holdin on ? " I ask her.

" I'm alright ,  haha . " She responds.

" Do you need anything , love? " Liam asks.

" Uh, can you go ask for some water babe? " Alex asks.

" Of course, baby. I'll be back in a bit. " He says kissing the top of her head and leaving.

" Haha. " alex giggles. It confuses me ..

" What's so funny? " I ask her.

" How all of a sudden I get an Amazing, funny, charming handsome boyfriend and all of a sudden Jesse wants me. " she says smiling.

" Don't flatter yourself , butthole. " I tell her , wanting to punch her but forcing my hand back.

" Anyways, what happened? " She asked

" Sereen found you in the restroom at Five Guys , you were unconscious and she called an ambulance." I tell her in a sort of low voice.

" Oh, why was I unconscious? Do you know? "

" You had Biocide in your system. "

" BIOCIDE? How? "

" I don't know , I guess the only thing you've had in your system was that Sierra Mist at Logan's. "

" That me- Wait.. how did you know where I was and what I drank? "

" I , uh, sorta called Jesse. "

" Why would you ?!" Alexandra said , a little too furious..

" Because he's the one you were with , or were you with someone else after?"

" No, I wasn't with anybody ! "

" Then how did you get that poison in your system ?! "

" I , I .. I think I know now.. "

" What do you mean? "

" The waitress.. at the restaurant.. she, she recognized me and made a big deal, and - "

" What do you mean she recognized you ? " I ask

" She like recognized me as Liam's girlfriend.. anyways , she made a big deal and  she brought me my soda, which at the moment didn't taste as good as it usually does. So, Jesse and I got into an argument and as I was leaving, she was on the floor near our booth recording our conversation. "

" We would she do that ? Any of that? "

" I don't know, maybe she doesn't want me here. trying to hurt me "

" Or maybe she doesn't want you with a specific person "

" Who do you th- ohhhhh. I get it. " she pauses " Liam " she says.

Liam then walked in with a cup full of water and handed it to Alexandra.

" Here you go , baby " he said smiling .

" Oh Nubia ? " He tells me.

" Yeah Liam? " I respond.

" Don't you think we should give everyone else some time with her?  haha " He smiles deeply.

" I guess so, aha. " I tell him and we tell Alexandra we'll come back after everyone has a chance to see her. She agrees and we leave the room . Niall and Louis go in after us.

Liam and I sit back down with Sereen, Zayn and Harry.

" How is she .. Nubia? " Sereen asks me.

" Quiet fine , actually. Thanks for caring for her when she needed you. " I send a smile her way.

" That's great, and it was the right thing to do, I couldn't just leave her on the floor. She could've died. " She said sounding frightened.

" Well thank you. Very much . " I tell her .

Niall's P.O.V.

" Hey there munchkin . " I say to Alexandra.

" Whatever leprechaun , aha. " She chuckled, I'm glad she isn't as bad as I thought she would be.

" Congrats Niall. " She tells me smiling a big smile.

" What do you mean? " I say confusingly.

" Congrats on having the best girlfriend in the world. " She tells me , in a sweet tone.

" Oh , yeah . hahaha " I laugh awkwardly.

" Oh look who else is here!" Alex says referring to Louis.

" Shut up ! " Louis responds , playfully.

" How ya doing there beany? " He asks her.

" Beany ? aha , what is that? " she asks him in fits of laughter.

" Your new nickname! or would you like me to call you something nasty . Like I'll be in the store and  I'll be like ' Hey , you forgot your tampo- "

" Okay! Beany is an INCREDIBLE name Louis! Thanks SO much, I love it!! " she says , in a freaked out sort of way.

" Thought so , peasant. ahahaha!" Louis says walking out of the room.

As he closed the door and walk away, I could hear him yell ' BEANY IS MY BEST FRIEND! '

" Wait, isn't he supposed to be in Doncaster? " Alex asks me.

" Harry didn't wake up early enough , so they missed their flight. They'll be flying tomorrow though... hopefully. " I tell her

" Haha, yeah. " she laughs.

" Well, I better be going to let Zayn, Sereen and Harry come in. " I kiss her cheek and head towards the door.

" Hey Niall! " I turn around " thanks for not letting Harry come in with Louis, who would of known what they would have done ! ha. "

"Yeah ha. " I respond and leave.

Harry's P.O.V.

I was petrified to know Alexandra was in the hospital, it almost broke my heart.. I can't believe I'm going to admit it , but I think I like her. But she has Liam ...

" Go in mate , I'll go at the end with Sereen. " Zayn tells me.

Thanks alot Zayn.. I really don't want to go in alone because I know I'll probably do something I'll regret , but I can't tell them that.

" Okay, thanks Zayn . " is all I am able to tell him.

I walk in and see Alexandra there, laying peacefully.

" Hey there Harry. " she says happily, which makes me feel happier.

" Ha, hey Alex. " I tell her.

" How's everyone else? " She asks me

" You're in the hospital bed, while you're asking about everyone else! " I say in a laughing matter.

" Yes, Yes I am Mr. Styles, Do you have a problem? " She asks. I notice her trying to suppress her laughter.

" Not exactly Ms... What's your last name again? haha " I ask

" I don't know I guess you'll have to find out by yourself. " she says trying to act 'cool ' . How cute..

I looked around the room trying to look for something, anything to give me a clue.. until I look at the front of her bed.. her papers! Hahaha , I won. I smirk reading her name.. her COMPLETE name.

" Oh no, please don't tell me you found my health papers Harry! " she tells me sounding worried.

" Of course not , Maria! " I begin to laugh uncontrollably.

" Haha. " she says sarcastically " you found out my whole name , now can you get up Harold? " She asks me .

I pause to look at her angelic face , and just find myself laughing again.

" You're going to get it , once I leave this damn bed and get home !" she tells me trying to sound tough.

" hahahahaha o- hahahaha o- hahahahaha k. hahaha ok, ok. " I manage to say in between laughters.

I get up and order myself to stop laughing, which surprisingly worked.

" That's more like it Harry, now come and give me a hug without breaking me? please? " She asks with her puppy dog face.

" Uh , i don't know about that .. " I tell her, honestly. Because I don't want to do anything else after that hug...

" Please Harry! You're my best frieeeeeeeend! I need your comfort right now! Pweeease? " she asks me , pleading . Wow..

" Gah, fine.. " I come closer to her and hug her. This hug seems so right. I don't know how but it just does. We keep hugging and she whispers something in my ear.

" You have a girl in your life now? " she asks.

" Why do you ask?" I ask.

" Because I can see it in your face, you seem so.... so happy now a days. " she says, and I can feel her smile.

" I, uh , have to go. " I leave her side and start walking towards the door. " Sereen and Zayn probably want to see you too. .. bye. " I tell her about to open the door, but she starts to talk.

" Can I atleast have a goodbye kiss? " Are you serious?! Now? When I admit my feelings , you want to hug and kiss? Gaaaaah.

I go back to her and kiss her forehead and try to walk away , but she takes hold of my arm .

" Thank you , for everything. For being there for me and actually caring. I love you for that Harry. " She tells me , and my heart flutters and feels much , much warmer.

" I love you too Alexandra. " smile at her, and walk away.

As I walk into the hallway towards the waiting room I repeat those 3 words. ' I Love You' , 'I Love You', 'I Love You'.

Danielle's P.O.V

My plan as to now was successful. The poison I had Rose put in Alexandra's drink did affect her and made her go to the hospital. This is one of several harmful plans I have in mind, all I have to do is become closer to Liam by being there for him whenever something happens to Alexandra, and soon Liam will be mine again. Hahaha that little slut doesn't have a clue of what's coming next.

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