Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


24. Logan's

We drive through the mall and end up in front of Logan's Roadhouse. No. No. No. No. Why is he taking me here? Gahhh.

He turns off the car and jogs to my side of the car to open my door . I get off.

" Thank you Jesse. " I tell him, trying to be the less bit of rude.

We walk in to the restaurant and to the front of the cashier person. Crap, it's the same lady from last time.

" For tw- Oh hey there sweetheart how are you and the One Direction guy doing?" the lady asks.

" Uh, good. He's my boyfriend now." I tell her , smiling ear to ear.

" That's great! So, what brings you here?" she asks kindly , setting her elbow on the counter and laying her head on her hand.

" Just with an old friend. " I tell her, forcing a smile..

"Oh that's cool hon! Now let's get you to your table haha. " She grabs two menus and heads to a booth near a window.

" Is this okay for you two?" She asks.

" Yeah. " Jesse says smiling. She left and we start looking for the menus, even though I know what I'm getting.

A bout a minute later a beautiful blonde waitress comes up to us.

" So, do you guys know what you'd like to drink?" she asks, and Jesse and I both nod.

" Sierra Mist, please." I tell her with a kind smile.

" Dr.Pepper. " Jesse tells the waitress.

" Okay, oh and by the way my name is Rainy. Now... do you guys know what you'd like to eat?" Rainy asks

I stare at Jesse and waits for him to answer.

" Uh, sure." He responds .

" Can I have the chicken strips with a side salad? " I hand Rainy my menu.

" Of course , uh.. "

" Alex " I tell her.

" Of course, Alex.. Alex? ALEX! Omg you're going out with Liam Payne right? " she says with the biggest smile I've ever seen!

" Yes , now can you please get my friend's order? We're a bit hungry." I tell her

" Yes, Yes, Of course! Anything for you !  " she says facing Jesse.

" Um, I'll have the chicken strip , with fries. " Jesse hands Rainy his menu.

" Okay, let me go and put the order in and all be back with those drinks ! " Rainy said already walking away. I could even hear her squeal a bit .

While the food got here Jesse decided to start a conversation... just a normal one . Not a ' Why are you dating him instead of me?' type of conversation. Which was good. Until after we got our drinks...

Rainy's P.O.V.

Danielle was right.. Alexandra did come here often but for some reason she wasn't with Liam.. I HAVE to call her and tell her about it .

Maybe she can help me know what to do.

* Conversation between Rainy & Danielle *

Danielle : uh, hello?

Me : Hey Danielle .

Danielle : Oh hey Rainy ! How are you doing ? Is Liam there?

Me : Alright I guess.. and Liam isn't here , but his girlfriend is .

I smirked.

Danielle : So she's there.... alone?

Me : No, with a guy.

Danielle : Are you serious? haha that little slut!

Me : What do you want me to do then?

Danielle : Keep an eye on them.. and keep your phone on you at all times . Just in case something.. juicy comes up. Got it?

Me : Got it .

Danielle : Haha. This might actually be the day I get Liam back. Thanks for the help Rainy ! I owe you !

Me : No problem Danielle ! What are friends for? ... Well I gotta go. Ciao!

Danielle : Bye Rainy!

I pressed the end button and got Alex and her 'friends' drink.

" Here you go Ms. Torres . Enjoy! " I said trying to be as fake as possible, without her realizing it.

" Um, thanks Rainy .How much longer will the food take?" she asked.

" Not long . I can get someone else's plate , that isn't served if you want ! " I tell her , fakely.

" No thanks.. we'll just wait. Thank you." She said, getting back to her conversation with her friend.

They sound like they're arguing .. so instead of going back in kitchen I decide to hide and listen to their conversation.

Alex : Please stop this Jesse. I can't deal with it right now.

'Jesse' : I love you Alexandra, why can't you understand that?!

Alex : Why couldn't you have told me that instead of breaking my heart Jesse, huh?!

At this point I decided to record the whole conversation.

'Jesse' : Because I was scared !

Alex : scared of what ?!?!

'Jesse' : You... friendzoning me.

Alex : well too late because I am now . I have a  boyfriend Jesse.

'Jesse' : You can dump him, for me !

Alex : Why would I do that? So you can go ahead and break my heart AGAIN . and be constantly crying for a while? I'd rather save those tears for something else.

'Jesse' : Just ... give me a chance & I'll prove to you that I'm better than the Liam. Please?

Alex : No Jesse. Maybe if Liam and I don't work out ... then maybe I'll give you a second chance. But not now.... Liam lead me on , and he actually had the balls to ask me out . and what did you do? You chickened out !

'Jesse' : I didn't ! I just told you why I didn't ask you out !

Alex : Well it's TOO late for explanations now. Thanks for lunch Jesse. I'm leaving .

'Jesse' : Wait ! You can't leave !

Alex : Watch me Jesse.

I heard Alexandra get out of her side of the booth and walk my way , but I was too slow and she saw me crouching on my knees and with my phone on record.

" Were you recording us?! " Alexandra yelled at me .

" No, no, no. I was jus- "

" Forget it , I don't have time for people like you. " Alexandra told me walking away.

And the thing is.. I still had my phone recording so I had something good to send to Danielle.

Sereen's P.O.V.

It's like 3 in the afternoon and I decide to stop being lazy and go take a shower.

I grab my underwear and bra , and head to the bathroom. I place my clothes onto the sink counter and start stripping my clothes off my body. When I have no more clothing, I get into the tub and begin the shower. The hot water hits my body like knives. It feels really good. I put on my shampoo, then my conditioner. Then I lather my soap on my body and rinse everything off. I get my towel and start drying myself. I end up wrapping my hair in my towel and leaving it on my head. I get changed and go back into my room to get the rest of my clothes.

Little Mix Tank I bought at a concert and black , high waisted shorts. Putting on my black high top converse. 

As I'm about to get the towel off my head I hear my phone ring.. Alexandra? What would she need me for? I pick up the call anyways .

Me : Hey girl! What's up?

Alexandra : Uh, Sereen can you do me a favor?

Me : Sure anything.

Alexandra : Can you come and pick me up?

Me : Sure, where?

Alexandra : The parking lot of Five Guys Burger ...

Me : Okay, Let me finish getting ready and I'll be on my way babe!

Alexandra : Okay thank you , but please hurry !

Me : Alright!

I hung up the phone. Brushed my hair as fast as I could and head to the burger parking lot, in search for Alexandra

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