Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


35. Little Brat

Zayn's POV 

" Why are we in the airport, when San Diego is about 3 hours away? " Nubia asks. I see worry in Liam and Niall's face until one of them speaks up.

" That way we can get there quicker baby. " Niall said.

" But, you guys are spending too much, babe. I know you guys have boat loads of money but you don't always have to spend every dime on us. " Nubia tells him. 

" Well we already payed for the tickets, too bad. " Niall says again, this time giving Nubia a quick peck on the lips as we continue walking to our flight.


" This is your captain speaking, flight B30 will be leaving to Hawaii in 5 minutes " The girls' faces were priceless as they heard " please put your seatbelts on before lift off. " 

" Oh My God baby! " Sereen tells me crashing her lips into mine. 

Alexandra's POV

We're going to Hawaii! Oh my god, how is this possible? How could we have not noticed. I love Liam so much. 

" Happy Month Anniversary, babe. " Liam tells me with the incredible smile of his. I kissed him

" Happy First baby. " I said after pulling away from our kiss. 

" Uh , Liam.. " I tell him. 

" Yes?"

" I didn't get you anything.. I didn't think we were going to do anything and I just.. I'm sorry. " 

" It's okay, love " He put his hand on my cheek and rubbed it. " You're my present"  He says as he places his soft lips onto my forehead and my heart warms up and I get butterflies.


Niall's POV

We walked into the loft we were staying in. It was a beautiful. 4 bedrooms , a ginormous kitchen and living room, 2 bathrooms and the best part was that we got it to be right next to the beach. So we could walk out into the backyard and walk to the beach. We won't have to deal with fans, paparazzi and stuff like that because these kinds of lofts are located on secret grounds but not far from the rest of the island , in case we want to go shopping or something.

We all got settled into our rooms, of course in couples and planned on getting ready to go on the beach. 

" Niaaaaaaall " Nubia tells me as we finish up getting ready. 

"Yes, princess? " I say.

" I'm huuuuuungry. " she tells me.

" Well, we got management to put every necessity  we needed into the lodge so go check out the kitchen , babe." 

" Ah , fine. " my girlfriend said walking out.

After a few minutes I smelled something burning then a repeated beeping sound. Nubia.

I run towards the kitchen to see smoke coming from microwave and Nubia taking something out, coughing. By this time everyone was in the kitchen.

" Nubia! What were you doing?! " I say a little too mad.

" I , I was trying to make some ramen and I forgot to put water... " she says , intimidated. She throws the cup of noodles into the trash can, still coughing. Alexandra grabs her by her waist and pulls her away from all the smoke towards the seats by the island on the kitchen. Asking ' Are you okay? Are you sure? Do you need anything? ' The boys and I went to open all the windows by the kitchen and the livingroom, including the front and back door to air out the smell and air.

After about an hour or so it was okay to close the doors and windows and finally go to the beach. So we grabbed towels, chips , soda bottles and marshmallows since there are campfire sights and left. 

Louis POV

I couldn't be any happier right now. Mum told me yesterday that I have sisters. Not one but TWO! 

So right now I decided to go visit them. My real grandma ( dad's side) is babysitting them so it'll give me sometime to meet atleast some part of the family.

I knock on the door and see an old lady open the door. Actually she didn't seem so old maybe in her early 50's?

" Hi , I'm Louis To- " I couldn't continue because I felt arms wrap around my body into a hug and I hugged back. Then I heard a sob. We stayed like this for a few moments until the lady let go and wiped away the fresh tears off of her shirt. 

" Oh my goodness, it's actually you! My grandbaby. " She said, more tears spilling. " Oh please come in " She finished, letting me enter the tiny house and addressed herself as ' Tontitorn '

I walked into a living room with two little girls sitting in front of the telly. I'm guessing my sisters. I smile. 

" Rose , Freya. I have someone you'd love to meet. " The two little girls got up and came towards me. 

" Rose, Freya , This is your older brother Louis. " Tontitorn tells them. 

" Brother? Since when? " The oldest looking one said.

" Freya, honey it's a long story but he was given for adoption and didn't know about us until now. So all he wants to do is get to know his biological little sisters. Now stop being a little diva and talk to your brother the polite way. " Grandma said , sternly which made her sound really harsh. Freya rolled her eyes and looked back at me.

" Hi , I'm Rose. Nice to know I have someone else to be family with" Rose said smiling then giving me a hug. She had such a tiny frame that made my arms wrap all around her. She lets go and walks back to where she was standing. 

" Frey " Grandma said furrowing her eyebrows.

" Well as grandma right here said, I'm Freya. Your sister. " She says holding out her hand for me to shake. I shook back. 

" Why don't we all go sit down and have some tea? " Grandma said as we began to sit down on her couch and she leaves to the kitchen to start the kettle. 

" So .. how old are you two? " I ask to break the ice.

" I'm 13 , Freya's 15 " Rose tells me.

" Oh .. so both of you are in Junior High already? " I ask. 

" High school. " Freya coughs rudely, which takes me by surprise. 

Why is she being rude? I haven't done anything bad to make her treat me like shit. I'm her older brother for crying out loud. She should respect me. 

" Freya, are you naturally this rude or is something up your butt?" I say trying my best not to cuss in front of them.  Freya looked so surprised and taken aback. 

" Excuse you? " She tells me.

" Actually , excuse you , you little brat. I came here because a few weeks ago I got a call about my REAL parents that I didn't know of, then. Saying they had gotten into a crash and that they were dead. I got an immediate flight back to England to come and meet them , even if they were dead. But it turned out mum was actually alive and she told me I had two little sisters. I was so happy , really excited to come and meet you two. I didn't come to meet you to take shit from a little 15 year old brat. " I tell her , pouring my heart into it.  About 5 seconds later Tontitorn came back with tea. 

" Tea is here, who'd like some? " She asked with such a sweet voice. Freya stormed off somewhere, I'm guessing her room because I heard a room slam. 

Grandma's face seemed concerned and my heart dropped knowing I probably messed up my one chance to have a bond with my sister.

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