Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


34. I love you so much

Harry's POV.

It's been a whole week and Louis' mum is finally coma free! We've been staying in a hotel right across from the hospital, so it gives Louis a chance to go visit his mum every morning and night.

I go with him every once in a while so he doesn't go through all of this alone. Ha'ani is such an amazing lady. She's really funny and her and Louis like identical!

Now he's just really excited that we'll be able to take Ha'ani back to Yuma with us in a week and a half.

" This is her, mum.  My Girlfriend. Eleanour. " Louis tells Ha'ani  showing her a picture, with a smile plastered on his face.

" Oh my, she's very beautiful. " Ha'ani says grasping the phone from Louis hand.

" I know, I know you'll love her. "

" What does she do? "  She asked handing the phone back to Louis.

" She's in school, studying law. "

" Law? ... " Ha'ani asked , sorrow in her face.

" Yeah, is there something wrong? " Louis rushed closer to his mum.

" Y- Your dad, he was a lawyer. " A tear trickled down her cheek

" Mum? .. "

" Yes , sweetie? "

" What was dad like?"

" Oh honey, exactly like you. Same personality ... laugh ... sense of humor, singing. Just everything, including his accent. "

" But what's the difference between his accent and yours? Aren't both from Doncaster? "

" Well, no. Your dad is from England and well , I am from Hawaii. That is why my name is different. Meaning ' Day ' in Hawaiian. "

" So I'm Hawaiian? "

" Of course son. "

" Well, how did you and dad meet if you were from different places? "

" I was offered a full ride scholarship to UOL and I took it. Your dad and I were in the same class studying the same subject. We were doing a group project but my partner had been in the hospital for days on end and since your father was the only one without a partner he offered to be mine. We didn't like each other right away. Your dad was such a diva about everything! We would never agree on a thing and it got each other deeply mad. There was only one thing we ever agreed on. Boyz II Men. There was a concert the same week the project was due and we went together. I don't quiet remember how. " Ha'ani stopped for a moment and laughed.  " Well that night, something happened. I still don't know what but something came over us and he kissed me. Eventually we ended up dating for a while and right before our final exams I had you. So, I didn't finish University but your dad did."

" Then why did you give me up for adoption? " Louis eyes were furrowed and had the most confused look on his face.

"Why every other family did, we couldn't afford anything. I mean your father finished school but he hadn't found a proper job to maintain a family. I, erm ,  interviewed several, several families to give you away until I picked the right one. This beautiful young lady named Johannah. She seemed so careful and she looked like she knew what she was doing. " She stopped once again " It was one of the hardest things I've ever done because I was giving something away. Not just something but a baby. A baby that I had trapped in my tummy for months, the same one that kept me up various nights and the same one who made love him the second I set my eyes on him. " she finished.

" Oh mum! " Louis said , tears flowing out of his eyes. Wrapping his arms around his mum;s petite frame.

" I love you so much. " Louis said.

Ha'ani's POV.

" I love you too, baby... I love you too. " My heart was warm as I said those words. Finally , I could say them and he can understand.

Our hug lasted for a few moments until my baby let go of me to wipe off all his tears.

In the meanwhile I remembered something. Something that might make him happier.

" You want to know something, sweetie? " I ask him.

" Of course, anything! "  Louis answered with the biggest smile on his face.

" You have 2 little sisters. "

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