Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


5. Home

Nancy's P.O.V.

I arrived at Nubia and Alexandra's house with food! I knocked on the door and Nubia opened it gesturing me to come in. As I came in I walked into the kitchen to place the food onto the counter and noticed Tontitorn was already here.

"Heya !" Tontitorn walked towards me and gave me a big hug.

"Where's Alexandra?" I asked Nubia as she walked into the kitchen.

"Um, you guys aren't going to believe me." Nubia said.

"What?" Tontitorn and me said at almost the same time.

" She's at Logan's with LIAM PAYNE." Omg omg omg. She's lying. But no. How?

"SERIOUSLY?! " Tonti yelled.

"I'm serious. Now can we eat and watch Charlie St. Cloud?" Nubia said. I nodded and spread the food around the counter. Pizza, Squirt, Pepsi, Hot Cheetos, Cookies and Chicken Nuggets from McDonalds!

We got our plates and stuffed them with food and poured soda in our cups and headed to the living room. We settled down on the couch and Nubia pressed play.

Alexandra's P.O.V.

Liam and I finished eating and he payed the bill. We talked so much and now I know a little about his past, present & future. And he knows about my past, present & future as well

We headed out side, into the car and he drove home.

When we finally got home he turned off the car and ran to my door again and opened it. I thought that was really sweeeeeet!

He walked me to the front steps and we just stood there like idiots. Happy idiots though. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"Alexandra, I loved tonight. Would you like to spend the day with me and the boys tomorrow and sleep over?" Liam asked

"Can I take Nubia with me? I rarely go out without her." I asked

"Of course, anything you want beautiful." I smiled at that whole sentence.

"Okay goodnight , Liam." I said and stood on my toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. I then unlocked the door and looked back at him.

"Oh and thank you for everything." I said. He smiled and left, I could tell he was blushing a bit. I bet I was too.

When I finally entered the house I closed and locked the door. I looked back up and saw Nancy, Tonti and Nubia asleep on the couch. It made me smile the way they were scattered. I walked up to the tv and saw Charlie St Cloud playing. Dang, my favorite movie. I turned off the tv and DVD player and walked to my room.

I took off my dress and heels and put on a purple tank and black spandex. It's really comfortable. I cuddled myself under my covers and fell asleep quick.


A/N: I'm sorry if they're a bit short. I'm trying my hardest and I hope you like it !  Thank you for reading love, I appreciate it ! Please keep commenting, Favoriting and Liking! -Alexandra . xx

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