Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


3. Going out !

Alexandra's P.O.V

"That's a beautiful name.. My name is .. Liam" Liam.. Liam, that's an amazing name. As a matter of fact it's one of my favorite names. Ehh I'll tell him!

"That's one of my favorite names!" I said. I then turned to Nubia and she pointed towards the amaprtment, meaning we should leave the car already.So we did.

"That's cool love, haha" His laugh is beautiful. "Would you like me to take you out to dinner tonight?" Liam asked.

I faced Nubia as he finished his sentence and we practically screamed together. But we had to stay quiet.

"Um, are you still there babe?" Liam asked again. I mouthed to Nubia, "He called me babe! ahhhh!" "answer him! say yes!" she mouthed back.

"I'd love to, Liam" I finally responded as I made my way into my apartment.

"What's your address?" He asked wondering.

"It's umm 8963 West Powers Avenue, Apartment 3." I replied.

"Okay! I'll pick you up at around 7-ish, please don't take to long!" Liam said. it's cute! 

"Okay bye Liam, see you later"

"Bye love." and I hung up the phone placed it on the livingroom table along with my bag. As I looked I face a shocked Nubia. 

"Do you not understand who you just talked to?" Nubia asked with her mouth propped open.

"Umm, Liam? " I answered a bit confused.

"THE LIAM !" She yelled at me.

"What are  you talking about Nubia? ... "

" That was LIAM PAYNE!" What? That can't be Liam.. How would he end up in Yuma anyways?

"Stop, that isn't him. Liam wouldn't be in Yuma. I don't even think he knows what Yuma is!"

"Alexandra. I'm going to slap you! That was Liam. I have no damn clue why he would be here , but he is & YOU have a date with him in an hour and a half!"

"Whatever dude. I'm just going to go get ready. Whether it's "THE" Liam Payne or not." I stormed off to my room and locked my door to begin getting ready.

I walk into my closet and begin rummaging through it. In about 30 minutes I find a beautiful with dress. It's mid thigh and laced with a with cloth so the lace stands out a bit more. I soon find my old white heels. I put them on and then hear a knock on my bedroom door. Of course it's Nubia and I open it.

"Hey, you look beautiful, babe. Need any help?" She asked with gentleness in her voice. And to be honest I do need her help, she's the one that always help me do my hair.

"Yes please! What do I do with my hair? " I ask

" Umm, if you want I'll curl only the bottom and put it on the side. That should look nice" She responds.

"PLEASE! But can you do it like now?! " I ask while looking for my special ring. Actually Nubia gave me that ring in 8th grade. It says 'love' in cursive with a diamond replacing the 'o'. It's my very favorite ring!

" Okay! Just sit down please?" She asks a little impatient.

"Wait.. umm do you know where my ring is. I can't find it?" I ask. She stands still for a few seconds then flees out of my room. She returns about a minute later and hands me my ring. "Here you go"

"Where was it?" I ask. "In the bathroom , by the sink."

"ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'm really stupid..." I say mad at MYSELF.

"No you're not, just calm down, put the ring on and let me do your hair okay?"

Alright." I respond.

She goes in one of my drawers and pulls out my wand. She plugs it into the wall and as it heats up she sprays heat protector onto my hair.

                                                                                - 30 MINUTES LATER -

"Done!" Nubia yells into my ear.

"Omggggggg. What time is it?" I ask remembering I didn't have much time till Liam got here.

She reaches into her pocket and takes out her phone. "6:50" 1O minutes to go.

"Dude, I'm nervous... " I say

"Why?" Nubia asks

"Remember Jesse? ... " I say beginning to remember our memories.

Well Jesse and I didn't actually have a relationship, we were really good friends once and I told him I liked him then he told me he liked me back. But like a week after that he broke my heart saying he still loved the girl from before me and it took me a longgggg time to try to forget about it. I mean, I haven't forgotten about it, I don't think I will... I just wish I would.

"Babe, he was a butthole for doing all that to you. He was NEVER worth it and you know that. You have another guy who seems to have interest in you. Go for him and forget the past. " Nubia said , calming me down.

"Thank you Nubba, I love you." I said standing up to go hug her. I actually felt tears start brimming around my eyes.

I adjusted my hair to my right side and quickly curled my bangs, again to my right side. Put my mascara on quickly amd headed towards the livingroom.

" Don't forget this!" Nubia said to me handing me my clutch. I put extra change, the cloth to clean my glasses, my baby lips and my phone into it. Next thing I know I hear the doorbell ring.

I opened the door and saw a tall brown eyed guy stand in front of me.

"Hey love, you look stunning.. are you ready to go?" Liam asked me with his amazing voice.

"Umm yeah, but first I want you to meet my bestest friend Nubia, but I call her Nubba." I said to Liam presenting Nubia to him.

"Hello Nubia, nice to meet you." Liam said to Nubia

" Umm, Hey Liam, It's a pleasure meeting you too. You wouldn't happen to be in a VERY popular boy band named One Direction would you?" Nubia asked . Her face so concentrated on Liams'

"Well yes I am. " OH MY GOD. It is him! How could I not notice it at work?!?! It's Liam James Payne for Gods sake!

"So shall we go Alexandra?" Liam asked me. Ugh the way he says my name makes my name seem much more special.

"Yeah." I smiled at him grabbed my clutch and waved towards Nubia as I close the door.


A/N: You expected it to be Niall right? (; HA suckers! Well I hope you guys like this chapter! It's a bit bad, I know but I'll do my best on the next one! Thank you for reading and please keep commenting, liking & Favoriting! -Alexandra. xx


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