Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


6. Getting ready!

* Next Morning *

Nubia's P.O.V.




"GET UP.. "


"GET UP.. "

"NOW.. "


"LAZY.. "



"WAKE UP!" Someone kept yelling at me to get up and I have an idea who it is.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT!?!?! CAN'T YOU SEE I'M SLEEPING FOR GOD'S SAKES?!?!" I was really mad but I'm not sorry by the way I said it.

"I just wanted to tell you something.. " Alexandra said with her puppy dag face. Ahhh, I HATE when she did that.

"Okay, what do you want?" I sat up and noticed Tonti and Nancy weren't here anymore.

"Wait, where's Nancy and Tonti?" I asked quickly before she could answer my first question.

" They left about an hour ago, now.. can I tell you?" Alex said with a bit of an attitude.

"Go ahead, tell me" I said and faked smiled so she could calm down a bit.

"Okay! Guess where we're going in an hour?" She asked with a change of voice from Attitude to Excitement.

"I don't know.. uh.. please just tell me." I said

"We're spending the day with One Direction! " Did she just say that? Did I hear that right? Of course I did. She's smiling ear to ear again! Aww that's cute!

"Really? That's amazing! How was your date last night?" I asked with a happier mood.

"It was amazing, wonderful, heart pounding, beautiful, fun, great..." She went on and on, spinning around the livingroom.

"Hahaha, alright , alright , I get it, it was magical. Now what time are we leavin again?" I asked her

"In an hour so get your lazy booty up and get ready!" She said while still smiling.

I turned to look at her again and saw she was already ready. White tank top she got at Hot Topic last week that said 'Asking Alexandria'  across the shirt and red skinny jeans with red converse. In my opinion she looked pretty hot.

"Oh and by the way I picked out your outfit babe! It's in the bathroom , you BETTER wear it!" Alex spoke again. What could she have picked out...

I walked into the bathroom, locked the door and began to strip my clothes off from my body and throw it into my 'dirty clothes basket'. I step into the bath tub and set the water to 'HOT'. The feeling of the warm water on my body left me feeling good. I put on my shampoo and rinsed. Then my conditioner and rinsed. I cleansed my body with my soap and turned off the water. I dried my body inside the bathtub, then stepped onto the carpet mat. When I looked to see what clothes Alex picked out I saw matching black bra and panties. Along with my favorite black tank top of Fall Out Boy and black high waisted shorts. I was surprised she didn't pick anything too showy. It was just perfect.

I put on my clothes and towel dried my hair. Curled my bangs and applied mousse on my hair. I put my black converse off and ran towards the livingroom.

"Are you ready?" Alexandra said to me as I walked in and began to check me out. She laughed making me laugh too. "You look pretty hot" She said before I answered her first question.

"Ahaha thanks & Yeah! Are they coming for us?" I asked her hoping for a 'yes'

"Liam is coming for us, I don't know if he's coming alone tho- He's here." She smiled as she said the last part. I heard a car come up signaling he was actually here. We grabbed our shoulder bags and walked out of the apartment and locking the door.

"Here goes nothing" I whispered to myself

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