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19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


38. For Good & Worst

Sereen's POV

After our 'amazing' wake up all by Niall, Zayn and I walked out of our room and into the kitchen, where everyone else was already eating. 

French Toast and potatoes were being passed out along with a glass jug full of orange juice. 

I grabbed two slices of French Toast put some powder on it, I don't really remember the name of it  but it's powder they put on funnel cakes. I gave the plate full of toast and passed it to Zayn so he could grab some. Then I grabbed the bowl full of potatoes, my favorite , and grabbed two spoonfuls and placed them on my plate next to the toast. I passed the bowl to Zayn. 

I grabbed the syrup and poured it onto my french toast and put ketchup on my potatoes. Then poured myself and Zayn a glass of orange juice. 

Once I took a bite of my breakfast , it was heaven. Whoever cooked is truly talented.

" mm , this is really good" I say pointing at my food with my fork " Who made it? " I asked shoving another piece of french toast in my mouth. 

" We did. " Nubia and Alexandra said. 

" It's heaven. " I tell them and they smile and both say a warm " Thank You. "

" Hey Guys, I was wondering. What if we go shopping today? " Liam asks. 

" I don't know about that, babe. What if we get mobbed?" Alex asks.

" We won't, we'll have security just in case. " He answers kissing the top of her head.

" I'd love to. " Niall said and Nubia agreed too, then Zayn and I agreed.

Within minutes we were all finished and hitting the showers to get ready.

I went into the bathroom after Zayn came out and I locked the door, pressed play on the music from my phone , stripped off my clothes and entered the cold water. ' Pretty Brown Eyes ' began to play as I poured shampoo on my hand, ran it through my hair and scalp, then I washed it off. I repeated the same thing with my conditioner except that I only put it on the tips of my hair. When i finished ' Rock Me ' began to play on my phone. I began to cleanse my body as the song was still playing and I couldn't help but laugh.and sing when the chorus played. I was halfway throughout the song when I shut the water and started dry myself and put my underwear and bra and leaving the towel on my head.

When I came out, ' Rock Me ' had finished playing and Zayn sat on the bed in fits of laughter. 

" What? " I tell him , knowing the reason.

" No- Nothing . Hahahaha , hahaha , ahaha. " He laughed some more before continuing to talk. " I like your shower music, Do you listen to that song all the time? " 

" Shut up! I didn't even remember I had that song on there. " I tell him, surpressing a smile.

" Oh yeah , of course. " He tells me waving his hands in the air.

" Now leave  me alone , I need to get ready! " I tell him turning around and feeling his hand smack my bum. I turned around and saw him biting his lip . Oh god, that's hot. I went back and gave him a playful punch and he threw himself back on the bed.

I went into the closet where I put all the clothes I bought two days ago. I pulled out a pair of ' Strip Frey Shorts ' and a ' Trickey Printed Muscle Shirt ' that I bought at Cotton On. To finish it off I wore my white low cut converse and put my hair up in a bun.

Ready to go.

Zayn  and I walked to the living room to wait for the others. After about 5 minutes everyone else came in.

Nubia walked in wearing  a white 'Patsy Dress' with ' Bronte Flats ', with straightened hair and a flower by her right ear.

Alex was wearing a black ' Melony Textured Dress ' with ' Black Original Flats ' and her hair set in wavy beach curls.

They all looked so beautiful and I looked like different. They were wearing dresses and I was wearing stupid shorts and a muscle shirt. 

Zayn could see the expression on my face and he read it clearly. I know so.

" What's wrong babe?" He asks me , quiet enough so only I could hear.

" I , I'm just not pretty enough. Alex and Nubia they're wearing dresses and flats and I'm wearing muscle shirts and converse. " I tell him.

" You know what? " he asks me and I look at him , telling him I'm paying attention.

" This is why you're MY girlfriend because you're so different and you look beautiful looking different. So don't worry on how pretty you think you are, because no matter what. You'll always be the most beautiful girl in my world. " He tells me and I can't help but smile at his kind words. I press my lips onto him and whisper an ' I love you ' when I separate them and he whispers it back. 

" Are you two ready? haha. " Niall asks and I blush knowing they saw us have a ' moment ' 

" Oh yeah , of course. Let's go!" Zayn says. He intertwines our fingers and we walk to the car with everyone else. Soon we are driving to the closest city, Kahului.

When we get to Kahului we stop at the nearest shopping center which is ' Queen Ka'ahumanu Center. ' It looks pretty big from outside and I'm guessing even bigger from inside.

We walk around and go into stores. Maybe buy a thing or two but that's it. Then we stopped at a restaurant named Ruby's Diner. 

The restaurant had a 1940's feel to it. Decorated with Bright Red Vinyl Booths, white Formica tables and coca cola posters plastered on the walls. It was pretty cool. 

We all ordered burgers and milkshakes. The food came out really fast and it was really good. Our waitress was lovely and it was just great. The best part was that we weren't mobbed with fans at anytime, sometimes a group of girls would come up , nicely and ask for a picture or autographs. Even the girls and I were asked the take pictures and sign autographs. I felt weird  but not something I think I would get used to anytime now.

After eating we went to the harbor and rented a boat to go in. Zayn and I took a lot of pictures , and my favorite was one of me and him kissing with a dolphin in the back. We spent about 2 hours out in the sea until we came back to shore and drove back home. 

I was pretty tired and on the way to the loft I feel asleep and rested my head on Zayn's lap.

Today has been amazing.

Harry's POV

Today has been quiet boring. All I did was watch re runs of The Fosters, eating pizza and waiting for the new episode tonight.

I got up to grab a can of Pepsi and the door the the hotel slams open and I see Louis at the door.

" Woah Louis, you almost broke the door! " I tell him and as he approaches me I can see his red and puffy. I could see him in the verge of crying again. What  in the hell happened.  

He begins to cry muffled ' Harry's' and starts to run towards me and I embrace him in a hug.

"Louis ... Louis. What happened? " I tell him 

" Fr- Fre- Freya. " He says in between sobs.

" What about her? "

" She ...


Author's Note : I went to a store last weekend and I was just in love. That's why I talked alot about the girls' clothes. You can go to their website and check out the clothes at ' ' Anyways What do you think happened with Freya? d; I'll try to update soon so you'll know! (:

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