Yours Truly

19 year olds , Alexandra and Nubia live in Yuma, Arizona. They're best friends & major directioners! They come into contact with One Direction one day and it changes what life has to offer. They face fans, ex boyfriends/girlfriends, distant relationships and MANAGEMENT.
So go ahead and start reading! It'll be worth it ! (:


32. Coma

" Louis .. " I felt a voice and a shove.

" Mate.. " The same voice said and I felt another shove.

I opened my eye lids and saw Harry right in front of me.

" Louis , the doctor wants to see you. " Harry tells me pointing to the room in front of me.

I get up , run my hands through my clothes to unwrinkle any creases on them and walked into the room. Waiting for news , any news. 

As I walk into the room I see the same doctor that came rushing in a few hours before, jotting stuff on a clipboard. My mom was in a bed hooked up to several IV's and needles, which scared the heck out of me.

" Ah, Mr.Tomlinson. I've been expecting you. " The doctor says putting away the clipboard and signaling me to sit down.

" I'm Doctor Pacheco . " he tells me leaning against the wall right next to me " You're mum was very lucky. " He finishes.

" Why is that? " I ask.

" Because your mum's body stopped and it seemed she was dead. The impact of the crash was huge that it stopped her heart , but for a while. And if we wouldn't have kept the IV's hooked onto her, she would have been buried alive."

My mom .. is alive.

I can finally hug her, kiss her, talk to her do anything and everything a son would do with his mother. I can't explain how happy I am that she IS alive.

All these years.. I'll finally have my real mom by my side and it's unbelievable how everything would have changed if I would've kept walking through the door.

These words kept playing in my mind for a while , until I began to ask Dr. Pacheco something.

" So , she's awake? "

" Yes and no... she's actually in a coma and will be for about a week. After that week , she will have to be kept in the hospital another week to make tests and confirm her health and stability until you can take her home. "

" Wh- What about my father? "

" He , sadly did pass away. Since he was injured worst than your mother , his organs would not function again. I'm sorry. "

* One Week Later *

Liam's POV

Everything has been amazing. Alexandra is out of the hospital, Louis mum is actually alive now and out of her coma. He and Harry will be staying there until his mum is able enough to fly back here.

Zayn and Sereen are finally official and tomorrow is Alex and mine 1st month anniversary and I want to take her somewhere special.


Author's Note: Omgggggg I feel like such an AWFUL author for writing horrible , short chapters /:

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