Never Forget

Harry's story.


5. Chapter 4

"Thank you!" Liam said as his voice cracked. "For everything you've done for us"

Niall nodded his head and gazed off into the audience, tears welling in ocean blue his eyes which didn't have their normal glow. Liam continued, "For being here while acted like complete loons doing what we love. Thank you for staying through our strangest and roughest times, and loving us with your dear hearts."

"We love you." I stated strongly, holding back the tears for the Directioners. "You guys gave us the opportunity to experience a journey we'll never forget."

Nodding, tears rolled down all the boy's cheeks.

"You guys, our amazing Directioners, are all beautiful and we love you with all of our hearts. Never forget that." Zayn forced a smile.

The crowd remained silent as Louis stepped towards the front.

"It's so hard to leave you all, it's so hard to end this. We have so many amazing memories that we'll cherish in our hearts forever. So many perfect reminders of how our lives have been." Louis backed away as he hid his tears banging on the lids of his eyes.

We formed a group hug, crying into each other's arms as we realized this was our final performance as One Direction. Slowly, we turned to the audience and blew them a slow, caring kiss. Showing our love and respect.

All together we brought our microphones to our mouths, exhaled our breath and said in unison through our tears,

"Bye, we were One Direction."

The arena's lights dimmed and all sounds muffled, aide from the tears. A clip bounced on the large screen, showing each of our X-Factor auditions. As each audition finished we each stood offstage staring sadly at the now black screen. A silent darkness fell across the room.

"So this is it?" Niall quietly sobbed. I nodded quickly wiping away my tears.

We hugged, unable to let go, for what seemed like forever, until I sheepishly pulled away trudging towards the door giving one last cheeky smile full of sadness to my 4 best friends and loving Directioners.

Niall, Zayn, then finally Liam followed, leaving Louis in his tears.

Sadly he made his way towards the stage for one last time sitting himself upon a speaker.

"Forever Young..." He sobbed. "I...Wanna...Be...Forever Young..." Louis trailed off averting his gaze upon the crowd one final time. 


Shaking I woke up relieved it was a dream, the realizing it wasn't just a dream, but a memory. We actually broke up, there isn't a One Direction anymore. I'm now just a use to be popstar living in despair over the breakup my 4 best friends, no brothers, and me. This can't be, these nightmares can't haunt me anymore. My beautiful wise wife is right, I need back my brothers.



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