Never Forget

Harry's story.


4. Chapter 3

Alyssa's POV:

Harry's been depressed lately..I think he misses the lads. I can't blame him, I do also.
"Harry, babe. You okay?"

"Honestly? No..I miss them." He choked out.

"We all do...." I started then noticed the TV. "HARRY TURN IT UP!" I screamed and he turned up the volume.

"Former Hit Boy band Popstar Liam Payne was found passed out on the sidewalk outside of a bar last night with several beer bottles around him." The 1st reporter said.

"Yes, I guess that's what fame does to you, Curt." The lady said.

"Just like a typical Popstar." The man laughed. Harry cursed at the TV.

"2 years ago hit band One Direction announced their tragic breakup to their devoted fandom, known as Directioners. As you can see, not all the members have taken the break up well." The lady pointed out.

"NO SHIT!" Harry screamed.

"Shhh Harry the children are sleeping!" I warned. He just nodded.

"Back in the day they were pretty popular, if I do remember." "Curt" said.

"Yes, yes, they were! Everywhere they went turned into a mad house!"

"Who knows? Will they get back together in the near future or wash away like all other typical boy bands? Take our Poll on our website! This is Lisa Wedders with your POP News!" I turned the TV Off.

"That bitch!" Harry mumbled.

"Babe, I think its time." I looked Harry in the eyes. He looked confused.

"You need to call the lads." I stated.

"NO! It was their idea to end it! They'll never want to get back together!" He yelled.

"You never know, you saw Liam! That's not him! Obviously something's wrong! And I have a pretty darn good idea that it's the same thing you're going through!" I shouted. He looked away. "Please, just a phone call. Any member of the band you like."

"Fine..." He mumbled.

"Come on lets get some sleep, you can call tomorrow." I said pulling Harry to our room. Tomorrow he is calling, weather he likes it or not. I can't stand seeing him suffer like this! Those boys were like brothers! They all didn't want it to end! I know it! Innocent girls killed themselves over the break up! Heck, the boys killed a little part of themselves when they broke up! I'm pretty darn sure Harry isn't the only one who misses the old days.


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