Never Forget

Harry's story.


3. Chapter 2

Months later;


Harry's POV:

WOW! These have been the best months ever!  Little did I know I made it farther than I expected on the X-Factor! See, they didn't think I would do well as a solo, so they were "sending" me home. Although, little did I know moments later I was going to be called back on to the stage with 4 other boys..We we're put in a band! I came up with the name One Direction, since we all want to go in the same direction with our music career, and yeah. Also, it sounded pretty cool when announced, haha! I know that since a member of my band, Niall, sounds just like the voice over man! Its rad!! Anyways, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn were all put in the band along with me. On the show we placed 3rd place. About a year or 2 after the X-Factor and we we're doing a world tour! You're probably like, WOAH! World tour! Well yeah, lady's couldn't resist the curls, and I could sing! Okay. They liked the other boys too, haha. But seriously, we were pretty popular. Don't believe me!? Google search it, hon. Okay well we were popular back in the day. Back in the day? Well yeah those were the good days...We had a falling out years ago and went our separate ways. I miss my best friends, a lot. I still have my wonderful wife, Alyssa, and beautiful children; Daryl and Darcy. But I miss my mates, terribly. Breaking up hit me hard, I wonder how the other lads are doing... 


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