Never Forget

Harry's story.


2. Chapter 1

Harry's POV;

Strongly I finished the final notes from my audition song, Isn't She Lovely. Terrified, I looked up to await my either ecstatic or devastating fate.

Nicole just complimented me, AHHH!

"I agree with Nicole, however I don't think you have enough experience or confidence yet." The other judge spoke. That's it, im going to die right here.

"Someone in the crowd just said rubbish and I totally agree with them." Simon stated, DID SIMON JUST DEFEND ME? OH. MY. GOD.

Now Simons talking about how he thinks I could be good with vocal

NO! The cranky old man judge gave me a no! Curse him! Haha the crowd booed him out! HAHA

"I actually don't think the crowd booed you loud enough!" Simon joked, eeeep I think he likes me. Play cool Harry.

"Boo!" I said, directed at the grumpy smooth move Harold.

EEEEP Nicole said yes!! Come on's up to you!

"And you'll be happy to hear i'll be agreeing with Nicole, you're going to go through!" Simon said. OHHHH MY GOSH! YES! Keep your cool Harry...

"Thank you." I said cheekily and walked off the stage holding back the urge to skip like a mad man...

Hmm im moving on in the X-Factor. Let's see how this goes. I bet I'll get kicked out in the first round...


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