All is Fair in Love and War

Katherine (or Cat as her friends call her) is a young girl living in North America. She wants to get away from life and tells people that she'd do anything to get away. When a man by the name of Simon Ives her the chance of the lifetime. Will relationships brew or will this just be a summer love??


1. The Call

(Cats POV) I impatiently sat in the front of the car. "Cat settle down!" My friends whined from the back of the truck. "Never!" I squealed pulling back out my phone. No new messages, of course. "What are you expecting? Some random guy to see this and call you to babysit his eight children? Pay you $90 an hour per child?" My bet friend, Addy, giggled to me. "Haha! Yes!" I replied sarcastically, gaining laughs from the whole car. "Take me Home!!!!" I screamed in my friend, Nico's ear. "Shut the Heck up! Cat just because you have issues don't drag us into this!!" He screamed back. But I must have annoyed him enough since he put the car in gear and started off towards my house. "Cat! We're going to miss you! Since you won't find work in Ohio!" Addy sympathetically cried in my ear. I hugged her arm that was cuddled around my neck. "I'll miss you too, Ads!" I cry to her. "Enough! You'll see each other tomorrow at the science quiz. Ya know the quiz in high school that counts as 90% of our grade?!!" Addy's boyfriend, Luke, rolled his eyes. The four of us had a special relationship. I giggled before planting a kiss on Nicos cheek and climbing out of the truck and running into my house. "Mom! I'm home!" I scream waiting for a scream back. "Hey kitty!" My little ten year old brother, Dustin, hugs my legs. "Hey Dusty!" I kiss his head. "Miss me?!" He questions me. "Of course!" I reply. I hear footsteps come from upstairs as my Mom rushes down the steps. "Yes sir. Ummm yeah. Cat is right here, just a second." My Mom is saying into the phone. She hands the phone to me and takes Dustin's hand leading him out of the room. "Hello, Kathrine Sylvester." I say into the phone. "Hello, Cat. I'm Simon." A deep British accent breaks into my head. "Hello. May I ask why your calling?" I question him. "Yes, actually. I saw your sign saying that you'd gladly watch kids. If you get to live in with the family." The man said reading off the posters that me and my friends had spent the whole week putting up. "Yes sir." I confirmed him. "I'm calling about you watching my five boys. The only problem is that you'd have to come with us around the world." The man told me. "Ummm. That I don't know. Did you--" "I talked to your Mum and she said hat if you'd like to go and it's your choice she will stand by you." The man interrupted me. "Sure then." I told him. "I'd like to speak with your mother than." I ran up the stairs and handed the phone to my mom and ran to my room. Inside I was screaming my head off. I reached on the bedside table to grab my phone. 

Me: hey girl guess who's leavin he crappy place called Ohio???

Addy: No freakin' way!!!!

me: exactly!!

Addy: love ya girly!!! Night!!!

I smiled to myself as I grabbed my pajamas and climbed into bed. "Kitty? Do you have to go??" A small voice asked. "Yes dusty! Night baby! Love you!" I called to him and pulled my duvet over my head. "Nigh Kitty! I love you sooooooo much!" He let the I in so drag out super long. Making me giggle and get up to hug him. "Night Dusty." I rolled my eyes and laid down in my bed to sleep. 

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