Harry's Little Sister

I'm 18 years old and I'm traviling the world with my brother's band. It is really crazy! Any way I'm London Styles. I know it's kinda weird I'm named London and I live in Great Britain but I was born in London so my mum named me London..... Cheeesssyy! Haha.. Oh yeah also I'm Harry Styles little sister, no biggie.


14. Twitter Hate

London's POV

I get onto twitter and I have a tweet from fans, fans, fans, haters, and Holle Scally? I tap the tweet. " @LondonStyles<3 Hey London, you may be dating Niall now but he will ALWAYS love me. You fat ugly loser. @NiallOffical #NiallLovesMe" I frowned and looked to see what was trending #HolleScallySucks I smiled. I wasn't gonna make a big deal out of it but I was going to tweet. " @HolleScally Then why isn't he dating you if he will ALWAYS love you? :)" 5 minutes later I saw Niall retweeted. I followed a couple fans and they Direct Messaged me so I chat with them for a little while.One girl changed her username to THANKS LONDON.

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