Harry's Little Sister

I'm 18 years old and I'm traviling the world with my brother's band. It is really crazy! Any way I'm London Styles. I know it's kinda weird I'm named London and I live in Great Britain but I was born in London so my mum named me London..... Cheeesssyy! Haha.. Oh yeah also I'm Harry Styles little sister, no biggie.


9. Traveling again

London's POV

"Where next?" I ask Louis as we get onto the bus. "America!!!!" He says "Yay!!! Where in America?" I ask "Miami Flordia." He says. "Yay!" I say. 

*At airport*

"Flight 216 to Miami, We are now boarding flight 216." The airport lady says. We get up and walk to the plane. Paparazzi snaps pictures as we walk. I smile for a couple of pictures. Then we get onto the plane. We go into the first class section. And people stare in amazment and point. I'm kinda used to it now. I sit by Niall and put on my headphones and turn on Forever Yound and Niall gives me a thumbs up. I smirk and play temple run. I get sleepy so I shut my eyes and fall asleep listening to One Direction.

*After Nap*

I wake up on Niall's shoulder and he is looking out the window. He looks back at me, I guess he felt me move, and asks,"Good Nap?" I pop up and say," Yeah, how long till we land?" "Uh, probaby about 30 minutes." He says. "I slept that long???!!" I ask surprised. "Yep you did not move at all, of course until right after you fell asleep you fell onto my shoulder." He awnsers. I blush and look away. 

*After Landing*

We just got out of the plane and, let me tell you, it feel's amazing to stand up after 9 hours!  We walk through the airport greeting fans as we walk by. We go to our hotel called Hotel Beaux Arts. It is even more amazing than the last one. Right on the beach. AMAZING!


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