Harry's Little Sister

I'm 18 years old and I'm traviling the world with my brother's band. It is really crazy! Any way I'm London Styles. I know it's kinda weird I'm named London and I live in Great Britain but I was born in London so my mum named me London..... Cheeesssyy! Haha.. Oh yeah also I'm Harry Styles little sister, no biggie.


11. New York City(SURPISES!)

London's POV

~At hotel in New York City~

"Yes." I say to Niall randomly. He looks at me confused, "What?". "I'll go on a date with you, you asked me before I had the panic attack." I saty chuckling.He looks at me with a surpised look. "Ok," he starts,"Then It's a date, let's go to the Statue of Liberty!". "Alright," I say nodding. 

~3 hours later~

"Knock knock!" I hear a familar voice say from the door. I look through the peep hole and scream, "ELEANOR! PERRIE!". I open the doors and wrap the in hugs. "I've got some VERY exiting news!" El says. "The boys and Sydney and Clarice know but we wanted to tell you now!" Perrie says. I get exited. "Well don't just stand there," I start, "TELL ME!". "Well," El starts, "I'm PREGNANT!!!". I gasp and smile and start jumping around. "YAY!" I say. "We told everyone earlyer, " Perrie starts, "So we have acctuly been here quit a while.". I nod and smile big. "Ooh I've got some news for you guys too," I tell them, "It's not near as exiting but, me and Niall are going out on a date.". "That's great!" They both say then giggle. 


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