Harry's Little Sister

I'm 18 years old and I'm traviling the world with my brother's band. It is really crazy! Any way I'm London Styles. I know it's kinda weird I'm named London and I live in Great Britain but I was born in London so my mum named me London..... Cheeesssyy! Haha.. Oh yeah also I'm Harry Styles little sister, no biggie.


17. Harry

London POV

"Your going back to Chesire" Harry says. "No I can't, You can't do that to me!" I say. "Hun, you are being kinda harsh. Imagine if I were Niall's sister. He would let us date." Clarice says. "I'm taking you to the airport London."  Harry says. I was not going to argue. I just cried. "I hate you!" I say. We walked out of the hotel not saying a word. 

*At airport*

"Plane 118 to Chesire is now boarding." The plane lady said. "Bye." Harry says trying to hug me. I just walk away. I sat down on my seat, 1A. The girl who sat beside me was about my age. I saw she had 3 One Direction braclets on. She was looking down on her phone the whole time and did not notice me. "Hey, I could not help but notice your a big One Direction fan." I say tapping her shoulder. She looked up and she gasped. "Oh my god!" She says. I nod. "Is it true you and Niall are madly in love?" She asks. "In fact it is." I say. I tell her all about everything that has happened. She seemed pretty in to it. We land and I exchange numbers with her. I figured out her name was Niagara. I thought that was a cool name. I drove to my flat. Niagara had improved my mood so I was not totally mad now. I got a text from Clarice


Hey Harry is really sorry.



Well he can kiss my arse because I'm not going back to him I  never want to see his face ever again!



Yeah. He is sorry just remember that.



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