Harry's Little Sister

I'm 18 years old and I'm traviling the world with my brother's band. It is really crazy! Any way I'm London Styles. I know it's kinda weird I'm named London and I live in Great Britain but I was born in London so my mum named me London..... Cheeesssyy! Haha.. Oh yeah also I'm Harry Styles little sister, no biggie.


31. Danielle

Sydney's POV

I was sitting watching TV at me and Liam's flat. "Ding Dong!" I heard the door bell. "I'll get it!" I shout to Liam who was in the kitchen. I open the door, and who is it? Danielle Peazer. "May I help you?" I say sweetly. I was going to be nice to her. "Where is Liam?"  She asks sassily. "Um..." I trail off. I knew she was just going to start drama. "I know he is here." she says pushing me out of the way. "Liam!" She shouts. He walks out of the kitchen. "Liam please take me back! I'm much better than her! I know you still love me!" She says. I walk out into the living room still ease dropping. "Danielle, Sydney taught me what it meant to be in love. I can't leave her for you. And I don't love you, I'm sorry." Liam Says. Danielle walks into the living room and shouts, "This is all because of you!!". I shrug and says,"What can I say?". I was not going to let her put me into a bad mood. She lost it after her and Liam broke up, but I belive that Liam does not have any more feelings for her. "Danielle, I think you need to leave." Liam says. She walks out of the door. I go into fits of laughter. "Oh my god, She's physco!" I say. Liam giggles. I hear a knock on the door this time. I loo out the peep hole this time. It was Niall and London. I open the door. "Hey!" London says. "Hey." I say and we hug. Niall plops onto the couch. London jumps on right beside him. "Niall, Liam is in the kitchen, if you want to talk to him." I say and Niall walks into the room. "We never have just girl time anymore!" I say. "We should invite all the girls over and have girls night tonight!!" She says. I nod and call Perrie, Eleanor, Clarice, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh Anne. They were all on there way. All the boys went to Lou and El's house to take care of the baby's. I found that funny. 


London's POV

Everyone finnaly got here. "Girls night has officaly begun!" Leigh Anne shouts. I giggle. We ate popcorn, watched movies, did nails, did hair, and just talked. It was soooo fun. 


Niall's POV

All the girls and guys were now and Lou and El's place. That is 14 flipping people. Jade walked up to me. "You're cute." She says. "Uh, thanks? I have a girlfriend by the way..." I said. "Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I had no clue! Who is it?" She says. "London... And it's okay." I say. "Ohh.." She says walking away.  


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