Cece is just an ordinary girl. One day she is singing at the park, (she wants to be famous). When a cute boy named Harry talks to her. Harry falls for Cece... But so does Zayn! Who will win Cece's heart? (there is drama and suspence).


1. Into

Cece's POV
I was at the park, just singing for everyone to hear. I love to aing. I want to be famous! While I was singing, I noticed a boy with brown, flippy/curly hair. When I finished he came over to me. 
"You're amazing!" He said to me in a cute British accent.
"Thanks," I replyed. 
"Oh, by the way, my name is Harry."
"I'm Cece."
"Well, I'll see you around." 
"Ya," I replyed.
"Oh, by the way, your're an amazing singer!"
Harry walked away. I smiled.
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