Cece is just an ordinary girl. One day she is singing at the park, (she wants to be famous). When a cute boy named Harry talks to her. Harry falls for Cece... But so does Zayn! Who will win Cece's heart? (there is drama and suspence).


2. Harry is in Love <3

    Harry's POV

"Cece, thats such a pretty name. She is an amazing singer. I should have asked her to have coffie, or-or, something!" I told the guys.

"Calm down lad, she might be at the park tomorow."  Zayn said.

I smiled. "Ya, she might be at the park, Singing again."

Louis laughed.

"What's so funny Louis?!?!" I asked him.

"What song was she singing Harry?"

"Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway. She made it her own. She sounded just as good asKelly Clarkson, if not, better!"

The boys bursted out laughing.

   Zayn's POV

Harry really fancies this Cece girl. It's pathetic, yet funny. He is even comparing her to Kelly Clarkson! The way Harry describes her kind of makes me think I might fancy her too. But I didn't want to try to fight over her. I looked at the clock, 11:30. 

" Alright loverboy, guys it's time for bed." The guys looked at Harry and laughed. Harry blushed. Then we all went in our rooms for the night.


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